Field goal kicking, a positive spin

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      Maybe a crappy kicker is exactly what our offense needs to get over the hump. Most programs have not had the string of success at place kicker that we’ve had. How many times have you said to yourself “okay, there’s 3 in the bag” once we got to the 35 yard line? Can’t help to think that offensive players and coaches thought the same thing, at least on SOME level. Might explain why we have been one of the worst to mediocre offenses, especially in the red zone.

      Not many programs have had the safety net we have had. Whitt’s first kicker since becoming HC was Dan Beardall. He was okay, 16 of 19 for 2005. 2006 King Louie takes over and we all know the story from there.

      I think a strong argument can be made that strong FG kicking has added to our offensive woes.

      Remember how Urban handled the Borreson situation? Best damn offense we ever had.

      I don’t care that our kicker sucks, it should do us some good. The offense knows the pressure is on and it’s on THEIR SHOULDERS to get the job done.

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      Ute Fan

      Or a 5* kicker happens to be at the Spring game and sees he has a good shot to play in 20′.
      Check out Tanner Cragun (@TannerCragun):

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      I have it on good authority that yesterday afternoon an email was sent from K. Whitt to every mens soccer coach in the Western United States asking if they had an overweight midfielder they would trade for a used pepsi machine and a pair of leather pants. 

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        I do a lot of coaching in the local youth soccer scene. After the red and white game yesterday, one of my fellow coaches called Greg Maas (UVU’s men’s soccer coach) and asked him if he could set us up with a kicker

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      Always pressure on the offense always every single season. Feels like pressure isn’t a good place for them. This season though the pressure hopefully gets us some diamonds. The hype is going to be heavy. It feels like nationally and within the P12 the expectation is for Utah or Oregon to do good things. 

      We still need to see how this Oline gels out. This group needs to be the best on the field every week. 

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