Huntley could be the number one QB in the state of Utah, or

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      he could be two or even three.

      Jordan Love from Utah State is a great QB in the MWC.  I am not sure what he could do in the PAC12, but I like him a lot.

      I know it is considered a crime on this site to say anything nice about a BYU player.  Wilson is not an All American.  However, he is a skilled QB with what appears to be a lot of confidence.  I do think he lacks the receivers to be great QB this season.

      Huntley, IMO is the most athletic of the three and is the best dual threat of the bunch.

      I think Huntley (if he stays healthy) will be the best QB in the state of Utah in 2019; however, the other two guys are talented QBs and I think both will have good seasons.

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      I agree that Huntley should be the best of the three and I think he’ll have the best season if he stays healthy. I won’t be surprised is Love has better passing stats however, due to an easier schedule.

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      Wilson is a good quarterback and a good athlete. But, he is not in the same class with Huntley. BYU fans have an amazing ability to exaggerate the abilities of their QB. If they had Jason Shelley or Jordan Love they would be convinced that guy was the best in the state. 

      I think the state QB rankings would be:


      Love about a half step back

      Shelley and Wilson about the same level

      And this is assuming Wilson comes back strong from a serious throwing side shoulder surgery.


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        I am interested to see how well Love does without Wells. GA has done all right allowing his OC’s to thrive for the most part. OSU obviously being an exception. 

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      Nice post and totally agree, all 3 major programs in the state look to be in excellent shape when it comes to QB.

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      He will certainly be the QB on the #1 football team in the state of Utah.

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      The color analysts at the Utah Spring game kept raving about how much bigger Huntley looked.  And I agree, he DOES look bigger than he did last year.  However, I think it looked like Shelley had the more successful offseason in the gym than Huntley.  That guy looked considerably stronger.

      Unfortunately, Rising is the only talent we have at the QB spot that’s sporting “Pac-12” size for the position.  And despite the fact that Huntley looks bigger, I still don’t think he’s gained the weight necessary to last a full season, so hopefully, Rising would be able to add to the depth at that position

      FWIW, I was very [pleasantly] surprised that we managed to get through last year with 2 QBs.  I didn’t think we would.  I thought we’d finish our bowl game with our #3 guy.  And when that guy opted to transfer, I was very nervous.

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      I want Huntley to be the number one QB in the Pac-12. Where he ranks in the state of Utah is not on my radar. Let’s go ahead and say he’s number 3 and be done with it. Is Huntley going to perform better than Eason? That’s what matters.

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