I would be very confident about our game tomorrow night

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        Ute Fan

        except that the heart of our defensive backfield will not be playing.  1st team AA, Blackmon cannot play and 2nd team AA Johnson has decided to sit this game out.  Texas is a passing team with a solid QB, this scares me.  If we had all our parts in place, I would think we could take care of Texas by double digits.  I think Texas will be able to score on our Utes.  So, I think the game plan for this game will be similar to what we have seen many times, especially against WSU.  We will try to keep the ball out of the Longhorns’ hands by long, sustained offensive drives.  We cannot afford to get behind early as we did against Oregon.

        I think the key to this game will be how successful the Utes offense is.  I feel good about our offense against Texas’s defense.  Texas gives up an average of 446 yards a game.  Their biggest weakness is their pass defense.  They give up over 300 yards per game.  I think Ludwig will utilize short passes, especially our to our tight ends.  I would like to see Moss go out with a great game.

        I am sure Scalley has developed a gameplan to best address our weaknesses.  I have no idea what that will be, but I am sure we will do some new things.  Blackmon was a key to not only our pass defense, but also our run defense.  The two games we lost this season were games when Blackmon was either hobbled (USC) or injured (Oregon).  He is a game-changer.

        Just my two cents.

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        Ute Fan

        Motivation is my biggest concern

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          Ute Fan

          Your point is a good one.  However, what I have heard from the players has been upbeat.  This remains to be seen.  Do they really have motivation after losing a chance at the CFP or Rose Bowl? 

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        Larry B
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        Texas has given up 33 sacks this season. I think that’ll be the key to the game. If we can put pressure on their QB, I like our chances. If we give him all day to find receivers, it will come down to who has the ball last.

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          Part of that pressure comes from receivers not being open. We shall see.

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            Ute Fan

            Agreed.  I suspect Scalley has some new blitz packages for this game.  As you say – we shall see.

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        Ute Fan

        I wonder if any key Texas players are sitting this one out?

        I looked but couldn’t find anyone difinitive.  They have a couple of receivers that will go to the league that may want to sit this one out… that could neutralize our defensive backfield disadvantage.

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          Ute Fan

          Yeah, they have one great wide receiver who I think has 1300 yards receiving.  I haven’t heard if he is sitting it out, so I assume he will be playing.  That would be a great matchup for JJ, oh well. 

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        Ute Fan

        Last night I re-watched the Colorado game and the day prior the Oregon Pac-12 championship game. I noticed something similar in both games that had not completely registered with me before.

        Colorado did a nice job for 2-1/2 quarters in two aspects of defense. They covered the Utah receivers fairly well, and they stacked the box or used creative blitzes with LBs and/or safeties.

        That accomplished two defensive objectives. Firstly, because receivers were covered, Tyler Huntley tuck it and run to avoid an interception. This also led to a few broken plays. On a few of those, he gained a handful of yards. But it also led to sacks (one in particular when Darrin Paulo missed a guy). The second was that the Utah offensive line was not able to open holes for Moss to exploit. Moss likes to be patient then bust through a hole. Instead, he was stuffed more times than I can count in the first half of the game, or gained just a few yards.

        Utah’s talent level, higher level of execution later in the game, the use of the fly sweep, and receivers finding lanes changed that late in the game, particularly as Colorado tired. It helped momentum that Utah got a TD on a punt.

        Oregon did the same thing only they have much more talent and were able to pressure Utah for longer. In that game, Utah’s D-line met its match likely for the first time this season. I say that because Utah made it into the red zone some seven times in the USC game, but netted only 23 points. Arguably, Utah was burned on only three big pass plays that led to TDs for USC. Then late in the Oregon game, as Huntley began to push some rushed passes, the resultant interceptions killed all momentum the Utes had from the middle portion of the game.

        In past years, we have all noted a significant November slide with Utah. I believe that was becuase other coaches figured out how to minimize Utah’s offensive strenghts, making those teams more one dimensional. And Utah was limited on offense to fully adjust. To a limited degree, I believe that is what occurred in the last two games. Andy Ludwig has been better at adjusting to this discovery by other defenses. The fly sweep with Brant Kuithe and the mid-field outlet pass to Zach Moss are prime examples.

        About a week prior to the Pac-12 championship game this year, an analyst from the Duck fanbase did a really interesting video breakdown of Utah’s offensive. The weaknesses I just mentioned, and I may not be remembering his work completely, revealed something similar. I remember thinking at the time that I sure hope Utah’s coaching staff saw that work, and have made adjustments accordingly. They may have but whatever they did, they did not close the gap.

        I’m really proud of this team and while the championship game defeat was a super downer, I believe this team has digested that loss. I believe they are motivated to beat Texas. The other day, I read that the team has seen where they need to tighten up their game and they have done that. I trust that is true.

        Texas has its own issues while I see in them a very talented team still searching for an identify. Their recent coaching changes present issues as they work towards evolved/more effective play and for Utah it creates more unknowns. Utah is known; Texas well be prepared.

        My thinking is that team cohesivenss and determination will allow Utah to win this game. Who knows, maybe Utah walks away with this game, but I don’t think Texas is going to fold for what essentially is a home game.

        Utah needed a break in my opinion. They had four games in a row (no bye) and by the end of week three in that run, they were feeling it. Now that they are refreshed, and learning from the recent loss and thinking about last years second half bowl game debacle, I fully expect Utah to be ready to play on New Year’s Eve.



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        Ute Fan

        Our issue is replacing Blackmon and JJ. Thankfully, we don’t have to do that with in game adjustments. We have been playing with 3 CBs so I expect the starters will not be able to lock down but also don’t present a weakness. Hopefully, we have very little need to go deeper than that. With a new player at free, our defense will not be near as agressive. Hopefully the chunk plays are minimized.

        Ludwig’s offense has nothing in common with past offenses. They have had ample time to plan for a loaded box with first priority of stopping Moss. I expect Texas to make that the first priority. Likely Utah needs to pass to set up the run. Rule #1, you must punish a defense that is out of position – so we need to better punish a loaded box. We have been a bit stubborn about that. I felt Colo was more that issue, Oregon had speed and talent to make lots of sets work for them on defense and caught fire when Blackmon left the game.

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