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      Ute Fan

      What can we do to get rid of Larry ? When is his buyout manageable ? 

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      Larry Scott? 🙂

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        Ute Fan

        That was how I initially read this as well in my morning fogginess.

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      Ute Fan

      The easy thing to do now is jump on the Coach K hate bandwagon, however he does deserve a little slack.  He has lead us to be a top 4 team in the PAC 12 for 4 years running.  It’s not as bad as some are making it.  Now with that being said, I am disappointed in our team this year and not one player really gets me that excited, however I am giving him some time to get it right.  Coach K and the whole staff gets it and puts plenty of pressure on themselves, let’s give him a little credit before calling for his head with 4 years of decent results. 

      2017/18 record 11-7 (3rd in the PAC12)

      2016/17 record 11-7 (4th in the PAC12)

      2015/16 record 13-5 (2nd in the PAC12)

      2014/15 record 13-5 (3rd in the PAC12)

      Get your minds right and don’t fall into the Twitter hate – It’s easy to do.  That’s not accepting this years results either but we don’t need to over-react.  One player can change things quickly.  Go Utes.


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        Ute Fan

        He is a top ten salaried coach giving us not even top 25 results.

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        Ute Fan

        Top 4 in the PAC-12 with two tournament appearances in seven, soon to be 8 years. The PAC-12 conference has a bad basketball perception and he’s a big part of the problem. Top 10 salary, top 25 facilities and history, top conference…and he can’t get to the tournament. 

        I’ve said this over and over. If he was making 1 million per, then he’s doing an ok job. But at double Altman’s salary? He makes almost double that Few, Creighton’s HC, St Mary’s HC, etc. 

        Its pathetic. Let’s go double Few’s salary instead. 

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      Ute Fan

      He still has my support, for now. I don’t much care about the salary. I’m not a booster, so whatever. I do think we need to pay our coaches well, and frankly, probably better than well to establish our school as desirable place. When we and LK part ways, we want the best coach we can get to take us seriously.

      With that said, I’m taking this BYU loss hard. It was pathetic. BYU is not a good basketball team, and they ran us off the floor playing a very pedestrian game themselves (aside from that monster dunk from Child). This is not some passive put down of BYU. It’s to paint the picture of what an absolute embarrassment that display was on Saturday.

      I hate to even put into words what this team reminds me of, but here goes: it reminds me of the Boylen years. Teams with mediocre talent, and even less ability for that talent to cobble together any semblance of a capable team.

      Now, the talent part I think is a little deceiving. We’re playing a lot of true freshmen seriously lacking in the experience department. They look lost individually, so as a team, it’s like watching the Keystone Cops out there. I forgive the freshmen. But what about Barefield, Van Dyke, and Johnson? I don’t get it. They ALL look noticeably worse. While expecting all three of those guys to take a step forward this season, right now, I’d gladly take last year’s version of them, which we’re not yet getting.

      The departure of Hendrix is eyebrow raising, especially 6 games into the season. Maybe that’s on Hendrix, maybe it’s on LK. I guess we’ll never know, but good grief!! Six games!?

      I dont know what the answer is. On paper this freshman class (along with Tillman) have a lot of promise. And another promising load of talent comes in next year. Just the arrival of Jones at PG and Van Komen and Carlisle in the front court could cure what’s seriously ailing us this year.

      I agree with those who feel like we’re not getting the post-season value out of LK. I think this is his eighth season and we’ve been to the NCAA’s twice? And, let’s face it, the second appearance was an utter embarrassing flame out that barely counts.

      IDK, I still think LK can turn it around, but this is the first time in his tenure that I’m having real doubts that he’s the guy to max out Utah’s potential, which I think is much higher than what we’ve seen lately.

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        Ute Fan

        yeah, I’m less ticked at Larry than most. This team just has zero leadership. Van Dyke has sucked in every possible way, and Johnson while better than last year IMO, is still one of the worst bigs I’ve seen play for us in a long long time. He has to be the biggest recruiting disappointment we’ve had, and we’ve had a lot of those lately. Battin, Goch, Tillman, and Allen have all shown promise, but they have nobody to lead them. Barefield’s answer to calls for him to lead the team has been to chuck up more ill advised shots. Charles Jones has been worthless, Hendrix left for some reason, Gaskin was supposed to be good, haven’t seen that guy play… This roster just isn’t working. All those early transfers are catching up to coach.

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        Ute Fan

        I’m with you, on paper this current class plus next year’s class is very promising. Key to that is freaking holding on to players long enough for them to realize their potential. Hendrix appeared to have an attitude problem, as did Seeley last year, but at some point at least some of that has to fall on LK because he’s the common denominator in all these transfers.

        I will cut Barefield a little bit of slack in that there really aren’t too many players at the moment that can get their own shot. Doesn’t mean he’s totally blameless for some poor shot selection, but I’m not sure it’s all entirely on him. The offense has just looked horrid at times and it’s left him trying to create something out of nothing. This is where I think the addition of Rylan Jones next year should really be noticeable.


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