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        Utes have a lot of linebackers coming in. I bet the Utes will adjust and have a hybrid 3-4 in a few years. Imagine Utah with a lot of sick linebackers. Look out.

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        Kyle Whittingham to a 3-4? I don’t know. Maybe like when they had Trevor Reilly they can run a hybrid to confuse a QB. This Ethan Calvert coming has to be the highest rated LB has ever had, right? I mean, I’m not sure anyone has been close to what he’s rated.

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          Ute Fan

          You would think backers would give their left nut to play in Kyle’s system. Our DL is designed to make life easy for linebackers.

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          Central Coast Ute
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          They’ve already been running it more this year. The PAC 12 has not been throwing as much as years past. Mike Leach is gone, Chip Kelly isnt the old Chip Kelly, you have an old school guy in Herm, Cal seems to be taking the K Whitt approach instead of the old “Bear Raid” offense. The only team throwing more than they used to is USC. And they’re not a true air raid.

          The Utes also like what they have in Sione Fotu. They have three good LB’s that they feel good about so they’ve been playing with three more often than they used to.

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        I believe that a couple of the linebackers are moving to different positions, I think they said Bishop to safety and Ellis to D end but we’ll see.

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