Logic of Taylor leaving Utah; Change my mind.

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    He hates working for Kyle at Utah. If he even half likes his job, he stays till something better, but he hates it so much he is willing to do anything to get out. He doesn’t like to be micro managed, so he’s out. 

    I eish he would stay, but O also wish Itah had run the ball more, so it’s kind of oxymoronic that I want T. Taylor.

    sorry about the misspells. Too much egg nog I guess 

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    He reportedly gets an 8 year contract, 100% guaranteed. Plus, he gets to go home. Those are pretty big incentives, even if he’s taking a pay cut (which he may not, I haven’t seen the dollar amount reported).

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    TT is definitely a lifestyle guy. Happy and comfortable is more important than raw success. He now gets to move home to a wonderful place to live, gets to call his own shots on everything, and has 8 years guaranteed. He still has a few hundred grand extra in the bank/retirement account from his gig at Utah, and gets to return to a place he loves while making about double what he made as a HS teacher/coach.

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    I don’t think this is the case. I think he just wants to go home and money is secondary.

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      Agree. Keep it simple.

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      Not everything negative that happens is a sinister plot against Utah or Kyle. Sometimes people just want to do what they think is right for them. 

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    I agree with everyone else in this thread. Look, this is the same guy that left college coaching earlier in his career to go coach high school football. 

    He’s done this before, it’s not surprising he’d do it again. 

    I spent about 8 years and way too much money trying to find a way to move back home. Some people just like familiarity. 

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    I hate to say it, but there is too much evidence which points to Kyle being difficult to work for if your job title is OC. 

    The constantly revolving door, the demotions, the rumors of micro-management, Harding caught on camera mid game “f**king fire me then!”

    I have no doubt Taylor has found a nice little situation for himself but if Kyle isn’t difficult to work for as an OC, then Taylor had a GREAT situation here as a Pac12 OC for a division contender in a pretty nice place to live with a much lower cost of living than California while making way more money than he is going to make at Sac State. 

    Who leaves a GREAT situation for a NICE situation? Taylor either doesn’t like working for Kyle or Kyle made it clear Taylor might want to look for a new job.

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      Image result for boom goes the dynamite gif

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      Because Taylor left coaching at Cal to go coach high school football. 

      This time around he left coaching at Utah to go be a head coach in his home town for a guaranteed 8 years. 

      The dude obviously isn’t in it for the money. He is in it for the control and to be at home. He got both those things. 

      In his mind, it is a great situation. 

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    There was an article on the decision on ESPN 700, where the author outlines the decision process.  Taylor is a different cat.  He has in the past taken some odd career paths and it’s seemed to work for him.  My son lives in Sacramento and is involved with the Folsom football program.  He said the Taylor probably wants to be a head coach (something he really wasn’t, even at Folsom) and if the school will pony up the money to let him do that for 6-7 years it seems like a good choice.  Also he never sold his house in the Sacramento area, so it’s not like it’s a major cash outlay to move back.  Another oddity is that he has taken most of the Folsom football staff as his staff at the new college (something my son is really p**sed about because my grandson will be a sophomore next  year and now has to deal with a whole new staff).  It will be interesting to see how this pans out.

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    I’m not sure what the discussion is. Taylor said both things in his interview himself. No doubt Kyle is tough to deal wirh. But TT isn’t a baby. You don’t have to love who you work for. Is this case everything made since to him. His family was there and he wanted to be in control. This move I really have no problems with.


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