Offensive woes

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      Ute Fan

      What woes?

      I keep reading posts and tweets about our offensive woes.  Reality is we are doing just fine.  The ONLY issue is we are starting slow and if we don’t get that fixed, it will come back to haunt us.  

      Specifically folks have been crying for th WR’s to be involved more and that it is hurting us.  While I believe it would help to get the WR’s involved more, it hasn’t exactly crippled us like many like to believe.  

      Currently we are ranked 22nd in completion %.  So even though everyone and their dog knows we are going to Kuithe and Kincaid when the pressure is one, they are  not exactly stopping it.  Just imagine how high this number would be if BK hadn’t had so many drops this year…  

      Other stats of note

      3rd down completions…  10th

      Offensive first downs…   26th

      INTs thrown…   17th, but we are tied with many others as having the 2nd fewest

      My biggest concern is that there are several PAC teams ahead of us.  Certainly there is room for improvement, but we fans seem to be overreacting as we tend to do.  Saturday could tell us a lot more.

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      Ute Fan

      Well, against SDSU the offense finally opened up once we started to get the WRs the ball. The first series or two was all kuithe all the time, even if he was clearly not open.

      I haven’t heard anyone argue that our offense has been crippled at all. I think most just want to see them get involved because they can see that WRs are at least some of the time getting open, and when they are in fact open they are often ignored/not noticed.

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        Ute Fan

        Whitt said preparing for the SDSU defense was similar to preparing for the Air Force offense. You don’t see it and it’s difficult to replicate in practice. My guess is this was more the issue in quarter 1 than anything else. The rust is being shaken off for sure but I’d say its too early to start making declarations. We’ll know what this team is a week from this coming Saturday when they play Oregon State. 

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      Utes 69
      Ute Fan

      lack of offense cost the game in Florida?

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        Ute Fan

        Problems in the Red Zone did.

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          Ute Fan

          IMO that was more an issue of play calling than anything else (though you could easily argue that execution was the real issue). Ludwig’s favorite things to do in goal line situations are 1. run the ball up the middle 2. throw passes shy of the goal line and pray that we can run it forward from there.

          His least favorite thing to do from inside the 5 is to actually attempt to throw the ball all the way into the endzone… This is by far my biggest gripe with Ludwig (and it really isn’t a huge gripe tbh, he’s great).

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          Ute Fan

          Poor linebacker play ultimately did us in at Florida.  I saw our linebackers turn their backs to plays several times and constantly misread plays costing us several scores.  Worst linebacking play I have seen by a Utah team in many years.  They have since cleaned it up against two lessor teams but if it pops back up in conference play (especially against Oregon State) it will be a huge problem.

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            Ute Fan

            If red zone issues performance was better at Florida (and really, it is just one throw that needed to be different), the outcome is reversed. I would also argue that had DE containment been better, the outcome also would have been reversed. Van F got caught crashing repeatedly and giving up the edge to Florida’s QB. If those gash runs from the QB do not happen, Florida’s offense would have stalled multiple times (instead of leading to scores). 

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        Ute Fan

        Especially in the first half with the slow start!!

        GO UTES!

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        Ute Fan

        D was by far the bigger problem, imo. A few bad plays cost the game on both O and D. I was sitting right above Cam when he threw the interception. It was a bad throw on a covered route where UF made a great play. We shoukd have had another shot. That said, if we just get the fumble on the UF drive before, we win. We s**t the bed in key situations on D and O, but having no containment on Richardson all game is why we weren’t up by 14+ at the end of the game.

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      Ute Fan

      Massey has our Utes ranked 14th in his Offensive power to score (OFF) category among all college football teams, 2nd among Pac-12 schools.

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      Ute Fan

      We are all very lucky that we won the San Diego State game.

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      Ute Fan

      IMO the offense has not been as crisp as I had expected.  Most of the players are back and I expected this team to be playing as good or better as we ended last season.  We haven’t done that yet.  I am not saying our offense is playing poorly.

      I think that losing Covey has been the biggest challenge.  He was always an option in our passing game.  This freed up our tight ends.  I do not understand why our running game has not been better than it has been.  Tavion has not seemed as potent.  Maybe this is because of our offensive line. I am not smart enough to know.

      I think our offense has been good but not great.  I hope to see continual progress.  We will need them hitting on all cylinders by October 15th.

      Go Utes!!!


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      Tony (admin)

      Let’s just replace an e with a w and it will be Offensive Wows. 

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