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      A lot was said below about Wilson’s mom.  I think she is hurting her son by getting involved.  Mike McCoy’s parents knew how to handle this kind of thing.  I am friends with Mike’s wife’s parents.  They would sit by Mike’s parents at the games in 93 and 94.  No one knew who they were except those who sat right next to them.  As fans will often do when the offense is not doing well, they would attack the QB and say all kinds of nasty things.  They didn’t realize that his parents were sitting right there.  Mike’s parents would just ignore the fans.  My friend asked Mike’s dad, “Why don’t you say something, I could not just sit there …”  He told her, I learned a long time ago to never engage the fans.  He showed the wisdom that Mrs. Wilson has not yet learned.

      I attended the Utah Oregon in Oregon in 1994.  Utah upset Oregon that day.  However, when our offense stagnated in the second half, my friend and I were yelling at Mac.  We said some unkind things, but we knew he could not hear us.  Someone later pointed out that Mac’s wife was sitting right in front of us.  She never flinched or said a thing.  She too learned that engaging fans is wise.  I was totally embarrassed.  

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      Bear spray for the BYU parents!

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      I have seen your experience repeated many times. Fans yelling at players, unknowingly right next to a relative of the player. It would be tough to be that relative. Good rule for fans–try not to get personal. S**t happens. Gripe about an outcome/result, but no need to disparage the player/coach.

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      What did Jerry Sloan say?

      “If I did what the fans wanted me to do, I’d end up sitting next to them before long.”


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      This needs to be voiced more. I had amazing seats in the muss a few seasons back when Troy Williams was with us.  I was at the edge of the muss that borders the section where player’s families sit around the 25 yard line on the east side.  You could see  right across the steps from me, the family shirts saying Barton and Williams etc.  I cringed every time one of my drunk MUSS peers would yell something stupid in ear shot of them.  I mean, these kids dont get paid to play and were practically the same age as me. I’m guilty of being stupid in this way in years past and it took me some growing up. 


      I still havent grown up in terms of booing a referee. That might not ever change.  It is interesting how we boo refs. While i make this tangent, for anyone interested in stuff written by Malcom Gladwell, he touches on why we boo refs.



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