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      Have a question about eligibility for players who commit and when eligibility begins. Can a player like Ryan Carsen play right-a-way as in a bowl game?

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      I don’t believe so because technically he will not be enrolled until January. But I think there’s also some other rule about it

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      you can only play for one team per season which includes Bowls & conference championships. The portal doesn’t work like a trade in the pros where you can be on one team on Tuesday and suit up for another team on Wednesday.

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      No. Among other rules, you have to be enrolled and taking at least 12 credit hours at the new school before you can play or practice with the team (that goes for every player, not just transfers). Since the earliest Carsen could enroll would be spring semester, he would not be eligible to participate in any team activities until January 2nd, assuming that’s when spring semester begins.

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