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        Ute Fan

        Curious to know who you guys predict will transfer out this offseason. Of course, I’d love for all these guys to stay and try to make things work, but I get that sometimes it’s best to move on. My guesses are as follows:

        JaQuinden Jackson: Much has been discussed about him already on this board. It has been odd that he didn’t get hardly any snaps as the season progressed—I really expected to see him more in the wildcat. With our QB room filling up, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him transfer to a small Texas school to be closer to home and have a shot at playing QB. If I were him, I’d give serious thought to switching positions though.

        Chris Curry: Man, I remember seeing this guy during the spring game and felt like he showcased some speed and physicality. He really did nothing all season and was buried at 4th on the depth chart. Given that reality, and with Kiel McDonald out, I totally expect him to transfer to a school in the south to be closer to home. I believe he also has a small child as well. 

        One of the Calvert bros: Ethan came in as one of our highest recruits ever, but apparently had a pretty devastating injury during fall camp. I really would love for him to stay, but our LB room is so deep I think the best action he’ll see next season is on special teams. I also expected Josh to play more, but he seemed to have been beaten out by Reid and Furey. Wouldn’t be shocked to see one or both of them transfer as a result. 

        Overall, I feel like we’ll be in good shape with our roster moving into next season. Attrition is inevitable, particularly when we’ve got more depth than ever and some guys might seek more playing time at a lower level elsewhere.

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        Ute Fan

        Does anyone know what Ethan Calvert’s injury was? I’ve never seen it reported anywhere other than he’s been hurt all season long. Would be nice, now that the season is over, to hear what his health status is.

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          Ute Fan

          Right? Feels like I’m the only one out of the loop on this one

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        Ute Fan

        All the DBs that could not step up and fill in for the injuries at CB and on STs. Head banger how Bernard was asked to play RB. STs, and CB. Tells me there are a lot players on the Utah roster not cut out for high level D1 football. No way a player should be asked to handle all those duties at any program at this level.

        Rose Bowl exposed the depth weakness Utah has in some key positions. 

        Guessing Utah makes some recuiting movement for a new punter. 


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          2008 National Champ
          Ute Fan

          Punter, yes! What happened to the Australia pipeline? Lennon was supposed to be the next great one and was a liability. That was 3 classes ago (2019). I’m struggling to understand why Utah hasn’t been able to get another Aussie once they knew Lennon wasn’t going to work out.

          Hackett and Wish should be enough to entice someone else to come on board.

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          Ute Fan

          Kind of sad that our thinnest position was the one Aaron Lowe played…

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          Ute Fan

          Any team, at any level, when down to their 6th or 7th option at a position would likely try and find “an athlete” that gave them the best shot.  Bernard was a better option than redshirts or walkons, totally reasonable, that is the way injuries played out this season not some sort of systemic depth weakness.

          Utah got the best punters when they were the only ones there.  Now that everyone is going to pro kick to get punters I am sure palms are being greased.  It was fun, but we won’t get a top punter from them again.

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          Ute Dub
          Ute Fan

          T-Boney (Tyrone Young-Smith) injured, RJ Hubert injured, Aaron Lowe killed, Jatravis Broughton injured, Fabian Marks injured, Zemaiah Vaugn injured, Kenzel Lawler injured, Lacarea Pleasant-Johnson dressed but did not play believed to be banged up. That’s at least 8 guys from the Utah secondary. Plus you had freshman x2 because of a shortened 2020 and so you don’t have experience of guys going through a whole season. 

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        Ute Fan

        I’m sure @Onlyu has more insight on this than anyone. I’m also guessing some are still up in the air or will come as a suprise.

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        Ute Fan

        People seem to forget that players only get 1 free transfer. JQJ & Curry would have to sit a year if they transferred out or drop to FCS. 

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          Ute Fan

          True, I hadn’t thought of this. That does give me more hope they’ll stick around. Not playing very much for an entire season and then sitting out a year after transferring would make it difficult for any player. That’s 2 years of little to no game experience, plus having to adjust to a new environement and scheme.

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