receivers transferring?

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        Ute Fan

        The grass is not always greener

        I know outside reciever numbers are down this year but we have 3 nfl tight ends. They need to be on the field.

        Numbers will go up next year.



        Bryan Thompson    12 rec.  127 yards  0 tds (ASU)

                                    9 rec.    187 yards  1 td (UU)

                                    18 rec.  461 yards  3 tds (UU)   


        Samson Nacua       15 rec.  262 yards  3 tds. (BYU)

                                    18 rec.  330 yards  4 tds (UU)

                                    31 rec.  362 yards  5 td (UU)


        Raelon Singleton.   14 rec. 221 yards  3 tds (Houston)

                                    36 rec. 532 yards  4 tds (UU)

                                    27 rec. 464 yards  4 tds (UU)


        Siaosi Mariner.       This is the exception. His numbers just more than doubled per game at utah state.

                                    He is on a practice squad in the NFL. Maybe his transfer helped him.    

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        Ute Fan

        Good post!

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        Central Coast Ute
        Ute Fan

        Thompson had me scratching my head as to why he transfered to ASU. I guess he bought into the Daniels hype. I just never saw what the hype was about. Iirc, Singleton transfered to be closer to home, I think his mom was sick so I get that one. And Nacua wanted to play with his brother, which is fine.

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          Nacua left because he didn’t make grades. Puka called Utah first. They let him know his brother was going to be ineligible. BYU bent over backwards, turned a blind eye to quite a future honor code issues while promising momma nacua to get Samson on the “straight and narrow” if she’d help them get Puka. 

          it worked. Puka’s a baller.

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            Central Coast Ute
            Ute Fan

            Interesting. Haven’t heard that one before.

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              I heard it from multiple people close to the program. I’m sure Samson’s a good kid despite him throwing a little post transfer shade.  I couldn’t even imagine trying to go to class online during a pandemic. 

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            Ute Fan

            Lol! Why even bother spreading these rumors? Who cares why these kids leave? It’s their choice. I don’t understand why we can’t just take their public statements at face value and move on.

            I am sort of ok with discussing it in this way, but tweeting the players about it is waaaay over the line.

            fans have no business criticizing player decisions. It just comes off as petty and insecure (just like when a player is critical of a coach/former teammate/program when they leave).

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            Ute Fan

            The academic ineligibility claim is bogus because he would not have needed to be eligible until fall camp and by NCAA rule, a player needs to be academically eligible at his current school to transfer to another school.

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        Ute Fan

        I wish these kids would just sit and think about it.  In the best of situations, they are transferring to a school that already has their guys on the field.  Breaking through that is very, very difficult.

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        Ute Fan

        There’s a ton of reasons why kids choose the schools they do, or choices they make. Either way it’s their choice and let em be.

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          Ute Fan

          Agree. Works both ways. The coaches come and go as they please promising kids they will be at the school then leave and actually make a ton of money on the deal, even when they’re fired, a lot more than 95% of these kids will ever see when football is done.

          Football kids in H.S. are spooned a bunch of BS by their coaches and parents as well. I have no problem with the transfer portal, over time it will settle down as more data comes out as posted above. Sadly in most cases a lot of these kids are given bad advice from people too emotianlly involved and not being reialistic. KW does a good job at keeping it real for his players emphasizing the importance of an education. 

          BYU and the other “private” schools play to their own rule set. Some of the stories I have heard from friends that played at USC in the 90’s cannot be made up. 

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          Ute Fan

          You just like to argue. This generation of kids are the biggest pussies, no doubt. Hell, I look at how bootcamp for the military totally restructured everything for these lame ducks asking for a woman’s permission for everything. Thank God I’m old and gone soon FFS

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        Ute Fan

        I’m always impressed with Daniels when I watch him. Sadly for him, ASU is just terminally undisciplined. Only thing is that he has yet to bulk up. Dude needs at least 20 more pounds of muscle and 10 pounds of fat on him

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