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        Utes win 124-70 exhibition over the Cal State Monterey Bay Otters.

        Last night was my first look at the 15-16 Runnin’ Utes. Let’s get this one out of the way first. Who the hell is the hair stylist for this team?!?!?! Chapman looks like a girl.

        Anyway… Of course the level of competition wasn’t much to base a judgement on, but I’m very positive about the overall depth and size of the team, except in the backup center position.

        I finally got to see Bonham in action and he’s a great get. I think he’ll be starting next to Taylor, in Delon’s place.

        To me Poetl wasn’t as dominating as I expected him to be against such a smaller team, but perhaps he just didn’t need to be. I still think he needs to be more aggressive with boxing out and rebounding, even though he had 10 boards. His foul shooting looked to be improved (3 of 3).

        Is Chapman out of shape? He looked gassed. Maybe it’s the hair.

        Bealer looks promising too, 6-6. We’re sort of stacked in the 2-3 position.

        I’m happy to have Wright and he’s only a soph. The next couple of years he’s going to be very capable of running the show.

        Most importantly this was the first real time my 3-year-old got to go to a bball game. He had a great time.

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        Ute Fan

        Bonham was good huh? I see him starting too. I don’t think Reyes gets off the bench this year. Kuzman looks like he’s stepped up his game. I hope him and Chapman become a tandem together – both playing while Poetl is out, faster team, length, and just plain more athletic. Reyes doesn’t fit in.

        Mawien needs to be redshirted. I don’t see him filling in for Poetl.

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        Ute Fan

        I think Reyes gets 8-10 minutes a game. He is the garbage man that will get rebounds and fouls and spell Jakob. He cant shoot worth s**t but he’s scrappy. The points will come from the others.

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        Yeah last year he missed about 100 layups from point blank range.

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          Reyes liked to pad his stats. Rebounding his own missed layup. I play ball with a guy like that. I make a great assist he misses wide open layup but dominates the putback.

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        Ute Fan

        I don’t think we have the bodies to redshirt Mawein. Kuzma may be asked to fill in. He looked good against the otters but he didn’t look great in the NWTRU. However, He and Mawein are the only guys we have at 6’9″ besides Poeltl. I think losing JO to injury probably hurt more than we’d figure.

        Chapman needs to play smarter. He has too many stupid fouls. Getting his third foul before half with .6 seconds left on a three point shot.. DUMB. When he was at NWTRU he had 8 fouls in 20 minutes of play. Too many hand check fouls and fouls on screens for not setting his feet. He’s playing hard and wants to make things happen but he needs to be smarter. There will be nights when we need him to be on the floor for long stretches.

        I. Wright looks great. I think there will be zero issues with him taking over for Taylor and think he’ll end up with a higher ceiling by the time he’s done.

        Loveridge looks great on offense, still a step slow on defense but I think what you see is what you’ll get from here on out.

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          Puget Ute
          Ute Fan

          Austin Montgomery is also 6’9″. But I don’t see him filling in either.

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        Ute Fan

        Hard to read too much into the game last night other than we are incredibly deep at the wing position. And that’s with Ogbe sitting out, who seems to be perennially injured. It was only a few years ago we were losing these games and now we’re wondering why Larry isn’t calling off the dogs until you realize that IS our second unit out there. Bonham looks to be taking over Delon’s coveted spot as the team’s resident stat sheet stuffer. Did a little bit of everything out there, nice all around game.

        Saw Isaiah Wright and Dakari Tucker at the downtown Chili’s after the game and judging by Wright’s date I would say it’s not a bad life to be a college point guard. Well done Sir.

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        Ute Fan

        Cal State MB beat Utah State 77 – 60. I hope some of our players aren’t tempted to transfer north to get more playing time!

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        Ute Fan

        Anyone get to see Oregon State play their exhibition? Pretty impressive incoming class they had. Eubanks was interesting to watch. I wanted to see what we lost in one time Utah recruit, Tres Tinkle.

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