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Running Utes Starting Lineup 2024-25: Please fill in the blanks

Welcome Big12 Fans and Foes Forums Utah Utes Sports Basketball (Men) Running Utes Starting Lineup 2024-25: Please fill in the blanks


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      Ute Dub

      For those in the know, could you tell me what our starting lineup will most likely look like? I could only guess. Please correct or add to what I show below. Is the transfer portal now closed?

      C Lawson Lovering
      PF Ezra Ausar
      SF IDK, Jake Wahlin?, Mike Sharavjamts?, Does Gabe Madsen play here and his brother plays the 2?
      SG Gabe Madsen
      PG IDK, the transfer from Baylor?

      Roster Linky click here

      Auser is an upgrade from Keita on the skills front. He can finish with both hands and dribble with both hands.
      Madsen, Gabe, I would like to see take the ball to the hole more. It seems some games he settles on shooting the 3 only.
      Are we still looking for a point guard or is the portal shut down?

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      I think it’s too early for anyone to be in the know accept the players and coaches. However my bey is…
      SF-G. Madsen/Sharavjmats/Whalin
      SG-M. Madsen/Sharavjmats/Whalin

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        Ute Dub

        In your comment, are you saying, for example, Keller would be ahead of Auser?

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      That’s a tough one for me. Auser I believe is a stud. However he is more of a low post player. He play a little from midrange but he is more of a low post rebounder/scorer. Keller brings tremendous length and he is an improved perimeter player that can stretch the defense for a slashing Madsen. I guess it depends on the matchup!

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      I don’t have a great feel for the team, but I think the following would be my depth chart:

      PG: Little, Ericksen
      SG: Madsen, other Madsen
      SF: Sharavjamts, Wahlin
      PF: Ausar, Dawes
      C: Lovering, Keller, Traore

      However, lineups are going to depend on how Smith wants to play.

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      I’m curious as to how many more scholarships we have available?

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      Erickson and Wahlin should not get pt on this team unless they have improved drastically or the game is effectively over. Sharavjamts is supposedly capable of playing point. I’m not sure if that is true or not, but if he can do it, he can’t be worse than Erickson last year.

      Madsen, Madsen, sharavjamts, lovering, little, Audra, Dawes, and Keller should get all the important minutes. Traore is likely too raw to contribute, and I didn’t see anything from Whalen to make me think he belongs on a big12 basketball team.

      I think this team will be better than anyone thought it would be when the offseason began. If we show some improvement on the road, and beat BYU again, Smith deserves to stay.

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        Ute Dub

        I mostly agree with you on Erickson, but I think you’re out of your depth on Wahlin. He’s 6’9 and can handle the ball. Wahlin took 20 shots the entire season as a freshman in 2023-24 after returning from a 2-year mission, which is not enough to get into the rhythm. I think it’s a bit premature to make a judgment. I like him and think he has a future. He needs to add strength; if he does, he will be solid.

        • #218440

          I agree @chestercopperpot. I think Wahlin has the size/tools to be a rotation player. Hopefully he’s been able to improve with a full season/offseason post-mission.

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            Minnesota Ute

            He needs to fix the doo or I will never be able to take him seriously. Irrespective of his contribution…

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      Jim Vanderhoof

      Impossible to predict a lineup with so many unknowns. Point guard is crucial in Smith’s offense. We should be more athletic and Lovering and Erickson are veterans that can fill in when needed but should have limited roles. More depth this year and some athletic big men that will help on defense.

      Madsen brothers give us shooting and experience. I like the fact we got more athletic and if Little can handle the point guard duties we have a decent team.

      Smith was our only player last year that could break down a defense. We should have a better team concept this year.

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      This lineup, no matter how it ends up, will not be even close to as good as last year’s lineup at full strength and will not finish outside of the bottom 25% of our new conference. I just don’t see it. No one listed is in BC’s ballpark and there is no one on this roster as talented as Deivon.

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        Ute Dub

        I think Ezra Ausar could step up and be a 15 PPG guy. He didn’t shoot the 3 much at ECU although he did shoot 37.5%, which is pretty decent. That’s the main issue with he and Lovering being on the court at the same time takes away that 4 out 1 in threat of 4 guys than can shoot the 3.

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      Jim Vanderhoof

      I disagree but time will tell. We were too predictable last year and had little depth. Losing Smith is a big loss. We are more athletic and should play more as a team instead of individuals. Defense will be improved, athleticism improved, depth improved and hopefully free throw shooting improved.

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