Seems like the Utes were not prepared at all.

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        Ute Fan

        Slow starts. Rising looking off. Just way off. The Yassmin drop that is probably a house call really hurt because then Rising forces a bad pass later. 

        KReid boneheaded penalty. Like wow man. Utah gets the stop and you do that?  DTR is a dick but come on man. 

        Coaching play calls in general. On defense they came in slow all game. fUCLA had them on skates all game. 

        Utah still has problems at RB. TT is on some sort of snap limit. fUCLA will lose two more games. Kelly is still pretty dumb. But props to them today.

        Edit: oh yeah Special Teams. It sucks. The end

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        Charlie Foxtrot
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        I hope that today’s performance forces a re-evaluation of how we are going to approch the games both offensively and defensifly for the rest of the year.  The front 7 can’t create pressure and the linebackers and DE’s are out of position way too often.  Tackeling today was a joke.

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          To be fair, you have to get within 5 yards of the other guy to make a tackle. The same plays that worked for OSU worked again this week with not much more resistance. DTR not throwing into tight coverage was the difference.

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        Ute Fan

        TT out of shape along with whatever else is going on .. that call to give him the ball 3-and goal after he was clearly winded was dumb .. Reid contributed that with his own boneheaded play.. I don’t fault rising he’s about all we have on offensive

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