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      Tony (admin)

      Thanks for posting.

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      Ute Fan

      Great article about Utah going into the PAC-12 and any time some dope says that Utah is being rude or looking down on the Big 12, send this article. It does a great job showing why Utah and Utah fans would be so loyal to the PAC-12.

      We went from BYU’s little brother to a team that is hardly ever not ranked in the CFP. Now, we aren’t Alabama or Ohio State or Michigan…but we have been ranked like we are. And that is f**king cool. And that is sad to be leaving that.

      And one thing that sucks, that no one is talking about, is these big conferences take away rivalries. In the Big 12 we will face BYU every year. That is it. Ask BYU fans. Independence schedules sucked. And we have a pseudo indy schedule now. Let’s hope the money dries up and we go back to smaller regional conferences.

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        Tony (admin)

        Yeah we have so many fun rivalries and dynamics vs USC, UCLA, the AZ schools, Stanford, Oregon, Washington, OSU… I “guess” we will develop some rivalries in the Big12 but anyone who equates the quality of teams between the two conferences is on crack. I just hope the Utes can continue to recruit at the level hey have been the last few yeas and that we don’t start regressing because of the new conference.

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          2008 National Champ
          Ute Fan

          There was also familiarity with the teams in the PAC before Utah & Colorado joined. Whether bowl games or regular season contests, Utah had played pretty much everyone and we (yes, I’m including myself in we) as a fanbase looked forward to matching up with those teams.

          I don’t know, maybe if Texas and Oklahoma were staying in the Big-12 everyone would be more excited. I just think most of us are equating the move to a lateral transfer but we’re having to take a pay cut because our old job has become obsolete. The move might ultimately turn out to be great but it isn’t being made out of desire but necessity.

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            Ute Fan

            It isn’t just familiarity that makes me less excited for the Big12.

            At the end of the day, I don’t think there is any win in the Big12 that will reliably draw national attention and improve Utah’s standing. Saying this another way, without OU and Texas, there is NO big stage in the Big12. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be tough teams and big games, just none of them are on the level of the premier Pac12 teams.

            In the past, a season (like this current season) could be viewed as successful with a couple of losses because we knocked off marquee programs (USC, UCLA). In the future, that won’t be the case, and our only chance at marquee programs will be in the post season. To keep advancing as a program, we will need to routinely be in the playoff and be winning playoff games.

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              Ute Fan

              I unfortunately see this whole debacle is an insane lack of leadership. The Pac, as it was, was a gold mine. SLC, Seattle, Phoenix, Eugene. All very desired and up and coming markets. Tucson, San Diego , etc… just a lost opportunity and I wouldn’t be shocked if another conference sprang up in the next few years.

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      Ute Fan

      Good read. PAC-mas is over, no desire for Big12-mas, but agree that our reaction is a sigh that we found a landing spot for now. Sadness of a great dozen year relationship being over

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      Ute Fan

      Like I said a week ago. Lets just move on and enjoy the next years building on what we have done in the past !!!!!!!!!!!
      GO UTES

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      Ute Fan

      Why is this shocking? The Deseret News has been publishing great Ute content for years. If you didn’t know this, you’ve missed out.

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      Ute Fan

      Sure, I liked the old Pac 12 and the venues we could drive or fly direct to, but that is gone. Next, I think the Utah vs TCU rivalry will pick back up fast and match the best we enjoyed in the Pac. I also think Kansas St and any other contenders will become games of big interest. Last, because of the history, the game with the Y will be emotional even without them being a contender. It is what it is until it changes again.

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