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        Ute Fan

        All this talk about the starting QB announcement got me thinking about the process in general.  It must be very difficult to build a relationship with all these young athletes and then be forced to deliver difficult news to so many.

        You build up their confidence during recruiting and training, making them feel like an important part of the team.  Then the season rolls around and you are forced to tell some very talented kids that they will be the third or fourth option. It has got to be somewhat heartbreaking, for the player (especially) and the coach.

        I would have a hard time delivering difficult news like this on a regular basis to people I care about. Plus, you have to make sure to keep the non-starters engaged as an important member of the team.

        I understand, coaches get paid quite a lot of money. I don’t feel ‘bad’ for them in that sense, but we are all human and this seriously has to be one of the more emotionally straining aspects of being a college coach.

        Perhaps someone with experience could chime in…

        (And this is ‘just’ sports; there are many careers out there with similar social/human difficulties that I don’t think I could handle)

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        CB [Execute Podcast]
        Ute Fan

        100% agree

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        Ute Fan

        Totally different stratosphere, I know, but when I’ve had to make decisions on who starts when I’m coaching (youth teams) I have position battles during practices. It’s usually quite evident to everyone who the winner is and I usually don’t have to say much. It doesn’t mean that it’s easy for the kids who didn’t win out, but I don’t have to be the “bad guy” by delivering “the news.”

        In basketball, for example, if I’m looking for my starting point guard, I put a kid in the jump circle at the center of the court and have two others double team him. If he can dribble or pass out of the double team, he gets a “point.” I give all kids who want a shot several equal chances and the one with the highest point total is our starter. If they get enough chances to shine, the cream rises to the top.

        Coach Whit keeps stats on every scrimmage (and other meaningful practice) and the one with the best score wins. If it’s close, I don’t know his process for determining a “tie-breaker” but I agree with you. I don’t envy this part of his job. 

        I know it’s not that easy when dealing with four highly capable, high profile QBs to start on a P5 team. I’ve never had to deal with anything close to that… 

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        Ute Fan

        I’m not a coach, but my career requires me to be involved with several business partnerships and the performance and health of their businesses.  I’m always careful to let the partners know that I’m not loyal to THEM, I’m loyal to the BUSINESS.  If the business is in good shape, the partners are usually in good shape.  This is how I think I’d have to approach coaching as well.  I’d have to make sure I’m putting the best team on the field that I can at all times.  I would have to put the worry of players transferring out of my mind.  If we lose a player to the transfer portal we can go find another one to replace him (that’s how I’d have to think).  It sucks though… I don’t envy our coaches.  

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        Ute Fan

        I agree that it has to be hard.  On the other hand, kids need to keep on working until it is their turn.  I remember Steve Young being 8th string as a freshman.  As a sophomore, he was behind Jim McMahon.  He started for two years and had a great college and pro career.

        Rising could still start this season and could be a two-year starter after Brewer is gone.  He needs to stay focused.  Patience and hard work will pay off.

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