The Beginning of the End of the Whittingham Era

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      For better worse, and my bet is for the better, Ludwig is Whittingham’s OC choice the make a run before he retires. Whittingham is comfortable with Ludwig’s version of the run/pass option offense that I expect he attributes mightily to the Sugar Bowl win. Whittingham’s message by selecting Ludwig, is that same run oriented offense, with a dominating defense will win the South next year, the PAC12 sometime over the next two to three years, culminating in a Rose Bowl win. And perhaps with a repeat, he would end the Whittingham era and retire as most successful coach in Utah Ute history, eclipsing even Urban Meyer.

      I am guardedly optimistic with my opinion with Ute near-term success. Go Utah!

      Truth in Advertising caveat: I have been known to drink heavily in November – repeatedly.

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      If you think Utah will be better off without Whittingham, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. It is hard to find a quality head coach that can consistently win and keep a team in the conversation, especially at a place like Utah where it is harder to recruit to.

      Just look at BYU post LaVell, Nebraska post Osborne, Miami, Florida State, etc, etc. I know Whittingham is not the best head coach in the nation, but he is Top-20 and we are fortunate to have him.

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        Where did the poster say anything about Utah being better off without Whittingham?

        Poor reading comprehension causes replies to go off on unrelated tangents which leads to a worse experience for everyone reading the board.

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        I absolutely do not think the Utes are better off without Whittingham. He and I are the same age, and I am a big fan. But we all have to leave what we love at some point, me the military after 37 years. However, I do believe he understands this and sees Ludwig as his best option, to go out on his own terms and as a winner.

        Just sooner than later.

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        reading the post to which you are replying is usually a pretty good way to avoid sounding stupid.

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      Leaving the dance with the person he came with? I like it. The last time Whitt won a conference championship it was with Ludwig as OC. Time for a repeat.


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