This ACC news is another example of how stupid the Big 12 is.

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      Ute Fan

      Look at the Big 12 teams:

      Iowa State, Oklahoma State, TCU, Baylor, Kansas, Kansas State, Texas Tech, WVU.

      Then you add in BYU, UCF, Cincinnati and Houston.

      Those teams SUCK. Not one carries the weight of UW or OU. Hell, I’m not they have the market or weight of ASU, Arizona, Utah or Colorado.

      Had the Big 12 waited and not signed their GOR, instead of 4 G5 schools, they could be adding in FSU, Miami, Clemson, possibly Notre Dame.

      But nah. They knew they were dying and rushed to stay alive in a move of desperation.

      Don’t buy this “the Big 12 is great” nonsense.

      I’m not saying the PAC-10 in on top of the world. They aren’t. But all this realignment is a long ways from being done. The P10 just needs to survive until USC and UCLA come back.

      It will be interesting to see where this all goes.

      And remember: worst case scenario for Utah is the Big 12. Don’t worry, we will be fine one way or another.

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      Ute Fan

      You want more cougarboard crazy bulls**t speculation?


      It takes 11 teams to dissolve the ACC. Pitt, Louisville and Boston College are all newer members of the ACC. 


      The ACC and P10 have had conversations about a scheduling arrangement with the ACC champs playing the P10 champs in a title game. 


      ND has history with Stanford. 


      The ACC votes to dissolve, 11-3. The 11 ACC teams form a new conference. They then have a scheduling agreement with ND and the P12. ND plays 3 ACC teams and 3 P10 teams a year (1 of the 3 P10 teams every year is Stanford). The two conferences play a 7 or 8 game conference schedule and then play each other 2 or 3 games. 


      They then negotiate a new tv deal together. 


      That deal brings in more than what the Big 12 does, easy. Clemson, Miami, UW, FSU, Oregon, Utah, ASU, Duke, North Carolina. 


      Crazy? Sure. But not as crazy as people saying the Big 12 is good after taking a 20 million hit off projections, losing Texas and Oklahoma, and adding 4 mid level G5 schools. 


      If that were to happen, you’d have a definite P4 and a pathway forward. If the ACC/P10/ND tv deal brought in 50 million a year, then you’d open the door to the P4 breaking off and signing their own tv deal, as a group (like all other professional leagues) in 2030. 


      And that would simplify everything. You could have a player’s union, you could have a salary cap, a governing body, revenue sharing, etc. 


      Sure, it’s late night rambling, but as Kramer said:


      “Am I so sane, that I just blew your mind!”



      Anyways, enjoy the ride and have a good week!

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        Ute Fan

        I must admit… I like this guys schtick…Haha nice. 

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      2008 National Champ
      Ute Fan

      You want more cougarboard crazy bulls**t speculation?


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      Ute Fan

      What is the University of Utah’s primary goal? Is it revenue, quality sports opponents, education, something else?

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      Ute Fan

      I would be excited about a PAC/ACC alignment but it won’t ever happen. My best case scenario is the PAC gets a decent deal, stays together for 6-8 more years and that Utah is selected somehow in the next round of realignment with the big super conferences.

      Or the big10 goes back to being regional when their deal is done and the LA schools come crawling back.

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      Ute Fan

      You are crazy if you think FSU, Clemson, Miami would have ever considered the Big 12. It’s SEC or B1G only.

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        Ute Fan

        That’s my whole point. The Big 12 sucks. It’s a worst case scenario for us. 

        My point is that it’s more likely the 11 original ACC teams vote to dissolve the conference, screw over Pitt, BC and Louisville and form their own conference. 

        The Big 12 as a conference sucks. The teams suck. The locations suck. And they are dumb and they sold out for a significant pay cut from their projections. Doing anything like the Big 12 is just dumb. 

        The ACC is in a weird place. I don’t think my idea happens because it can’t happen fast enough. But I do think there is serious talk among ACC teams about leaving and making a new conference, which they could do. 

        Then you package some ACC/P10/ND games together and you can piecemeal together a pretty good TV deal. 

        Remember, ND’s tv deal has always sucked. They have incentive for the ACC to break apart as well and try to get some tv money. 

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      Ute Fan

      Lol this is such a bad post. 

      B12 was on life support after OU/TX left – many teams were reaching out to the P12. It was stabilize or die. 

      ND is NOT joining B12. Ever. 

      There is one elite tier: B10 and SEC. Why would USC/UCLA take MUCH LESS money to rejoin the Pac12? Nonsense. 

      Pac10 is on life support. Can’t even get a decent deal done. Leadership sucks. Being on a streaming service is terrible. You won’t grow the conference that way. I do like Utah’s chances to hit the expanded playoffs in a 10 team Pac though. 

      The ONLY thing that I agree with in your post, I do think Utah will be fine. 


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        Ute Fan

        You say, “wish we has smarter fans”. SMH. 

        The Big 12 was on life support when TX and Oklahoma left. We agree there. And they did beg anyone who would listen to let them in. The problem is, none of their schools provide any value and they were turned down. In an act of desperation, they invited three G5’s with no history or cache and another with some history but it’s 40+ years old. And due to that desperation, instead of the 50 million they said they would get, they took 30. 

        Now, they realize their conference still sucks, which is why they are so desperate to have P10 teams join. 

        Not once did I say ND was going to join a conference. They are independent in football right mow. Why would they join the B12? Now, I understand I said “possibly” but any reading comprehension of the rest of the post would help you realize that any addition of ND would be a scheduling arrangement, like ND currently has. 

        I’ve posted over and over and over why USC and UCLA would come back, but I’ll refresh: 1- In the B1G, USC is the fourth best program. 2- The travel costs wipe out list of the extra money USC gets. 3- USC (and Texas and Oklahoma) will be p**sed when they are left out of the playoffs and Utah and UW and Oregon are in the playoffs. 

        Pretty basic stuff. 

        As far as streaming sucking, you don’t know this. This is an argument made by old people who don’t want to admit to change. The money provided by ESPN and FOX comes from cable subscribers. As those #’s fall, the payout will fall. 

        Right now, a ton of Americans can’t get the P12 network without a $60+ cable/streaming subscription. You think that’s access? Come on now. 

        And it’s not dumb to bash on the B12. Have you seen their teams? Who is their flagship school? TCU? Baylor? Bwahahahahahahahahahaha. 

        Like I said, had the B12 waited, they could have made an offer to ACC teams to blow up that conference and create a new one. Instead, they are stuck with Cincinnati and UCF. 


        Now, like I’ve said elsewhere, the P10 is in a murky place. Maybe they are ok. Maybe they aren’t. But that doesn’t have anything to do with how pathetic the B12 is right now. The B12 is f**ked. When 2030 hits and USC/UCLA/TX/Oklahoma want to be big dogs again and create their own conference, B12 teams will be begging TX to let them be their friends again. 

        As bad as the P10 is, the B12 would bend over backwards to add P10 teams. That’s what little brothers do. 

        And I do agree that Utah will be fine. 

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      Ute Fan

      Also really dumb to bash on the B12 right now. You do realizs, currently, with their cush media deal locked in (they increased money per school WITHOUT TX/OU), B12 >> Pac10. 

      Wish we has smarter fans. 

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      Ute Fan

      You want more cougarboard crazy bulls**t speculation?

      Looks like you got that and a lot more, LOL.

      CougarBoard link

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