This might quiet the "Fire Whit" crowd. His buyout is $9mil.

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    Therin lies the problem.  Utah athletics is not rich enought to do what Michigan, Florida,etc. have done.

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      And poor enough to keep a head coach as long as the stadium is full and the Crimson Club donors keep cutting checks. KW is going no where. CH made the mistake of playing into KWs hand signing the last contract. KW, and his agent are smart-savoy business men first, winning enough making everyone believe Utah football needs KW or the program will fall a part. The BYU coach interview play on CH, the Tennessee interviews, all strategic moves. It’s absurd what these head coaches are paid for marginal work performance.

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    trust me, if/when enough of us donors care, he’ll be out. 

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    Brad Rock said 12.5 I thought in his article.  

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    Whitt is the #28th highest paid and delivers a similar result. You get what you pay for.    


    Bring in a new coach with a better winning record and the revenues will more than pay for the buyout.


    Do you think Alabama would keep Saban around if he was 3-13 in conference play?

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    Is Utah Alabama?

    It is far more likely that Utah is Arizona.

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      Utah is more like Oregon st at this point. 

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    So we’ve got the 3rd highest paid coach in the Pac12, more than new coaches at ASU, Arizona, and UCLA. On the surface that seems crazy, however there is more than meets the eye.

    Looking at some of the * and links, some of this data, like Clay Helton is based on 2016 tax records.

    I wouldn’t put too much stock in the accuracy of this information, I mean it is USA Today, the comic book of newspapers.

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    Why would I care? It’s not my money.


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