Too bad this didn't happen a few years ago.

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    Interesting stuff! SEC/BIG10 v. Pac12 in new Vegas Bowl (finally some SEC matchups). Also, ACC v. Pac12 in Holiday Bowl. I will be sad to see the BIG10 team go from this game…ACC football is not nearly as interesting to me as BIG10. I would rather see the SEC/BIG10 reps split between the Vegas and Holiday Bowls, so that there is a SEC matchup every year.

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      I get what you are saying, but we already have a bowl matchup with the B1G in the Rose bowl

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        Pace Manyung
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        MOAR B1G is always better

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        also Holiday Bowl and Foster Farms bowls are typically B1G vs. PAC12

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    This is awesome, I think everyone assumed that the LV Bowl would be moved and get a better pecking order, but the matchup against a top SEC/B1G is great.

    I’m honestly surprised the SEC is willing to send a team outside of the south for a bowl game.

    And, the LA game taking place of the Las Vegas bowl matchup Pac-12/MWC champion is a step up as well.

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      Any time you can step from a college stadium to a brand new NFL stadium is a huge upgrade. Too bad about the Holiday bowl downsizing.

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    Is there any indication as to when the Las Vegas Bowl will be played?  Pre-Christmas is lame.

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      Unfortunately that’s the reality of having a bowl in Vegas. Since it has be held early anyway, they should make it the kickoff to bowl season.

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    I’ve be checking the net. Nothing on the 2020 Las Vegas Bowl dates or payouts. If aligned with the Belk Bowl, the dates should push to the right, say Dec 28th/29th, and a payout approaching $4.5 – 5 mil.


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