Top Rated PAC12 Games For The Season

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      Ute Fan

      4.4: USC-Notre Dame (5 p.m./ABC)
      3.2: Washington-Auburn (12:30 p.m./ABC)
      2.6: Washington-Utah/FCG (5 p.m./FOX)
      2.5: Stanford-Oregon (5 p.m./ABC)
      2.3: Washington-Washington State (5:30 p.m./FOX)
      2.2: Oregon State-Ohio State (9 a.m./ABC)
      2.1: Stanford-Notre Dame (4:30p.m./NBC)
      2.1 Colorado-Nebraska (12:30 p.m./ABC)
      2.0: Washington-Colorado (12:30 p.m./FOX)
      1.9: Washington-Oregon (12:30 p.m./ABC)

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      Ute Fan

      Takeaways from Jon Wilner:

      • All of the top 10 were on broadcast television (FOX or ABC).

      • Half of the top 10 involved Washington.

      • None of the top 10 were night games.

      • Also: Only one game involved USC, and the 4.4 for the Trojans’ finale assuredly had more to do with Notre Dame’s bid for an undefeated season than anything else.

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      Ute Fan

      But… But… But…  what about all those Spectacular games on the PAC-12 network at 7:30 PT?  No one watched them?  I.. uh.. I don’t understand?!?   I would have watched them, I was interested… oh yeah… I don’t have PAC-12 network.





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      Ute Fan

      Uh, we are running a media company over here.  If we put the most compelling and impactful games involving ranked teams late in the season on the PAC12 Network people will have to watch!  #ratings #realvalue

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      Ute Fan

      Nothing too surprising about the fact that day games on network TV are the highest rated. Only marginally surprising that UW was in 5 of the 10 top games (they are a marquee program), but that also could be a result of them having more network/day games than other teams.

      4 of those top 10 games are likely more about the non-conference opponent than the Pac12 team (see: USC/Notre Dame, Washington/Auburn, Oregon State/Ohio State, Stanford/Notre Dame)

      I find it interesting that the Colorado/Nebraska game made the top 10 (although, again, a day game on network TV may be all the explanation needed). It is a traditional rivalry, but would not expect it to get much attention beyond the regional level, so maybe the simplest explanation (day game on network tv) is the primary reason.

      Obviously games on Pac12 network will not get as many eyeballs, nor will night games, but the rebuttal is that if you do not put compelling games in those slots, you won’t get $$ for them. Tough balancing act. 

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