Utah 46 – OSU 40

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        At least that is what happened in my dream last night.  It was so realistic.  We were down 40-24 going into the 4th quarter.  We struggled stopping OSU’s passing game.  We scored two TDs and two 2-point coversions to tie the game.  OSU had the ball first in OT.  They threw a pick to Lloyd that he took back for the win.

        Then some BYU fan came up to me and said, “But we are still better than the Utes and we really won the PAC12.”  I punched him in the stomach.  (This is totally unlike me.)  I guess I was so tired of hearing this crap about the Cougars being the better team even though that game happened over three months ago.  I felt horrible about punching the guy and apologized for my inappropriate reaction.  (I guess I really do let the obnoxious Cougars (minority IMO) get inside my head.)

        Go Utes!!!


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        I had a different kind of dream last night. 

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        Ute Fan

        I’m Proud of you.

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        If we win it will be by 22 after Tavion gets rushing TD 21 and 22!

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        Ute Fan

        Seek professional help immediately. Hilarious.


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