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      1) I’ve said this before on here but going into the season Redding had made 82% of his field goals. He was doing well at the end of last season through the Rose Bowl. There is no reason to replace a starting kicker under these circumstances unless he is injured but Utah did by starting Noyes.  Bad practice and leads to missed kicks.

      2) At this level of football there is no excuse for not kicking at least 50% of your kickoffs in to the end zone for touchbacks. I know Utah has four place kickers on the team and none of them can consistently do this?? P5 programs recruit kickers now.  You will not be a top 35 – 5 star ranked place kicker unless your kickoffs consistantly go 65-70 yards.  Utah does not recruit top level kickers because they won’t offer a scholarship to these kids until they are starters. Kyle has been lucky because great kickers have fallen into his lap…Matt Gay and more. It looks like his luck has run out.

      3) Punters…oh boy, Utah loves Australian punters maybe because the fad kind of started at the U.  Again, they have done well in the past with guys that just landing there. However, a good traditional punter is still better for the game (see NFL).  Get one!

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      This is just a hunch, but maybe… just maybe, the coaches had a reason for replacing Redding with Noyes? Maybe he performed far better in camp?

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      Kicking was a huge strength for the Utes until about four years ago.  Now it is a disaster.  It seems so odd to me that we cannot kick the ball into the end zone.


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      We have been lucky at kicking.

      A converted Olympic reserve downhill skier and a collegiate soccer player that washed out due to

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      Whitt used to coach special teams. It’s now delegated and it shows that coach Shah doesn’t cut it as special teams coordinator. He’s a good DB coach and does a good job recruiting and coaching the athletes in those positions and even kick coverage. But he’s doesn’t know how to coach or recruit the P or K.

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        Shah is a the special teams coach.  He is a great guy but knows very little about kicking.  A program like Utah’s needs a kicking coach.  Big high schools now have kicking coaches.

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      My friend’s son is a kicker on a small D-1 school (N. Alabama).   He has a small build and was not broadly recruited, but did well at summer kicking camps (e.g. Chris Sailor’s camps).  Even after recovering from a minor injury he kicks-off to the end zone nearly every time.  Kicked a 43-yard FG last Saturday; he has not missed a FG or PAT all year. Maybe he can transfer to Utah??   Utah should be going to those camps or consulting with the organizers to get quality kickers, even transfers from small D-1 schools, kids who might want a chance on a bigger (P5) stage.   Relying on walk-ons and such is not working.

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      Here’s a stat from last night: each team punted 4 times, Utah for 143 yards (35.8) and WSU for 193 (48.2).

      When the teams were trading drives early and punting, Utah went from having WSU pinned deep to being pinned deep themselves over a couple of possession changes which led to WSU’s first TD. For years I said I’d gladly give up some special teams to have a better offense. I just didn’t think I’d have to give up all of it.

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      82% is not good. Especially as we tend to keep most kicks short. Inside 40 the % should be 97%+

      Reddings form is poor. Watch his follow through, he does not get his leg above his waist. He basically stabs at the ball. Leads to poor directional control. For the golfers out there – imagine a swing with follow through keeping the club below your belly button.

      There wasn’t a great image on the broadcast last night, but looked like his kicking leg follow through and body drifted left, as did the ball.

      I’d love someone to show me I’m wrong, but it seems to me that our coaches can’t assess kicking form. They seem to be flying blind.

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      I’d like to see the freshman Cheek get a few

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      Utah not attempting a short FG to make it a 2 score game is a coaching failure flat out.not thr first time Whitt has done this. I know Whitt is like God around here but his decision making has gone down hill in recent years

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