Utah’s new offense and BYU fans….

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      BJA 13
      Ute Fan

      I keep hearing the argument that because Utah has a new OC/Offense that they will struggle mightily in game one vs. BYU.  

      It could be just as much of an advantage at this point for Utah.

      Utah’s been through a new OC nearly every year. DESPITE that, they have still scored points. 

      Utah’s offensive Coordinators since 2009:

      1: Dave Schramm: Limited experience. New to the OC position. 
      2: Aaron Roderick: Limited experience. New to the OC position.
      3: Norm Chow: Very experienced. 
      4: Brian Johnson: Limited experience. New to the OC position
      5: Dennis Erickson: Very Experienced.
      6: Troy Taylor: Average experience. New to the OC position.

      With the exception of Norm Chow and Dennis Erickson, NONE of these guys had any experience as an OC. 

      Former OC Troy Taylor wasn’t even the OC at Eastern Washington. (Title was play-caller/Passing Coordinator)

      Andy Ludwig has 10 additional years experience as an OC since leaving Utah in 2008. 

      I understand that installing a new offense can take time, but this isn’t the “typical” Utah OC hire. 

      It’s CFB.  Every team is “starting over” with new starters, plays, adjustments etc every year.  This is more of a wholesale “install”, I get it, but it seems that someone doing this year in and hear out for the past 10-20 years may have the advantage, even in year one, over a 2nd year OC.  
      Just my $.02
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      Ute Fan

      BYU fans said that they’d have an advantage on the first year of detmer because there would be no film. It’s all speculation. And they’re wrong. Always always always wrong.

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        Ute Fan

        TDS better have an NFL Oline. Because just based on what you read from MULTIPLE national and local guys the dline for Utah is NFL ready.  That is like 99% of the National hype. Then combined with a backfield that has a projected first round pick in JJ. It’s like who cares about our offense. How will TDS get past the 50? 

        Utah plays a clean game it is two touchdown win going away. 

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      Ute Fan

      Don’t forget Christensen.

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        Ute Fan

        I’m certainly trying to

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      Ute Fan

      Did people forget that Sitaki was on the Utah staff durring Ludwig 1.0? Ludwig hasn’t changed, Utah’s defense hasn’t changed. Advantage Sitaki.

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        Ute Fan

        This was a TIC post right?

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      Ute Fan

      Having a new OC in your opener cuts both ways. It’s a pro for us because they have no film on us but it’s a pro for them because there is bound to be some mistakes made. I agree with you that Ludwig should have an advantage being a more seasoned OC than Grimes, and more importantly, a more experienced OC than their DC. I would add though that Ludwig is no rookie at installing a new offense as he has done it 11 times in his career with this being the 12th time. Installing a new offense might just be something Ludwig knows how to do.

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        Ute Fan

        It also doesn’t suck having experience on the offense. Honestly, Huntleys post injury performance is something more of a con than Ludwig’s install. 

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        Ute Fan

        Correct you are UteThunder.  Grimes came to WACistan from the SEC where he was the “O-Line” coach.  Ludwig comes to the U as a former SEC “Offensive Coordinator”.

        Edge:  Ludwig.

        Grimes came off a staff that was loaded with 4- and 5-star recruits.  Ludwig came of a staff that didn’t have that level of talent.  Now, Grimes is trying to run his Offense with “lesser” talent than he was used to, whereas Ludwig will be running his Offense with “greater” talent.

        Edge:  Ludwig again.

        And besides, it’s not like changing OCs had hurt us in the game vs. the tdS anyway.  Even losing our starting QB and/or RB (2012, 2015, 2018) hadn’t cost us any games against them.

        Edge:  Utah.

        GO UTES!!!

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          BJA 13
          Ute Fan

          As OnlyU quoted/stated “This guy (Ludwig) might be the difference.”

          On paper, he is probably Whitts best OC hire (in terms of experience, age, career timing, motivation/interest, understanding Utah culture etc. Chow was probably the very best and made lemonade out of lemons that season, but sadly we only had him for 1 year). 


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