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      Ute Fan

      What do you think it would take for Utah to get an at rage bid to the tournament? Does this scenario get Utah in?

      Oregon State – W
      Oregon – W
      Stanford – W
      Cal – W
      Colorado – W
      Arizona – L
      Arizona State – W
      UCLA – L
      USC – W
      Colorado – L

      Overall record: 21-10
      Pac-12 record: 14-6

      I know the odds of Utah making it are minuscule, but humor me with a conversation 🙂

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      Ute Fan

      I wouldn’t say the odds are miniscule. We are flirting with the edge of the bubble, currently.

      bracketologists.com has us in right now. Lunardi’s latest does not. Lunardi releases another tomorrow morning. We’ll see.

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        Ute Fan

        10 games left.

        First 5, trip to the Beaver State, then home games against Bay Area teams and Colorado.   Hopefully can sweep the home games and win at Oregon State.   Oregon not as strong as in past seasons, just has had our number for a long time, but we could have beaten them in Salt Lake a few weeks ago if we hadn’t been so cold shooting. 

        Second 5, trip to the Grand Canyon State, home for the LA schools, then finish at Colorado.  TOUGH 5 games.

        Need to get a good start by winning 4/5 of the first 5 then hope to take some momentum into that final stretch.

        Winning a game or two in Vegas would help too of course.



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      Ute Fan

      Sorry not gonna beat Oregon and ASU on the road. Colorado on the road is maybe at best.

      So I’ll say 18-13 and winning 2 games in Vegas would put Utah on the bubble

      At the very least Utah goes to the NIT and get at least two games at home.

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      Ute Fan

      Still too early to know Beyond what we do in the scheduled games is the conference tournament and what happens to the other bubble teams and other conference tournaments. What we do know is every win is very helpful and the losses need to be limited. Also, we need to win a game or two in the tournament or lose only to Az or UCLA. For now I would like to see us get a first round bye in the Pac tournament.

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        Ute Fan

        Need to start by beating Oregon State.  Not a great team but like most teams play best at home and will present a challenge in Corvalis where we’ve lost games we should have won a few times.   Get that one, then even with a loss in Eugene, if we win the next 3 at home, we will have a chance to make some noise the rest of the way.



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      Ute Fan

      As long as the team continues to play good defense, make their foul shots, and play together as a team, they’ll make the NCAA tournament. They’re going to have some dry spells shooting, and even a bad shooting night, or two, but the defensive effort can mitigate those lapses. Players that buy into this plan will get the playing time. We have the players and coach to win the conference. Barring major injuries, they just have to play to their potential.

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      Ute Fan

      20 wins in a P5 conference is pretty much a lock for the tournament. Going 6-4 and being 20-11 is firmly on the bubble. If you add a P12 tournament win, then you are almost guaranteed.

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        Central Coast Ute
        Ute Fan

        A P12 tournament win is a guaranteed NCAA invite, regardless of record.

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          D T
          Ute Fan

          Just one win? Or did you mean winning the tournament?

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      Central Coast Ute
      Ute Fan

      I don’t see the Utes beating USC, but I hope you’re right.

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      Ute Fan

      Bottom line: 20 regular-season wins and don’t get knocked out in round 1 of the conference tournament and we’re in.

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      Ute Fan

      The key for this team is rebounding.  We are +9 rebounds in the games we have won on average and -3 rebounds in games we have lost.  I have watched this team most of the season and when they are hitting the glass hard they seem to do other things better as well and the overall hustle seems to be much higher.  Rebounding is a very high indicator of hustle and mental involvement in the overall game.  When we got it going we are hard to beat, when we don’t we are a very mediocre to below average team.  In my opinion the only team left on our schedule that we simply cannot beat is UCLA and probably U of A in Tucson.  But if we are lackluster on the boards you can pretty much flip a coin in the rest of our games.

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