Whitt’s presser today

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        Ute Fan

        The game on Saturday was methodical. We were not as explosive as we needed to be. Nate played well for his first start and didn’t make any glaring errors.

        The defense was excellent. That has been our MO this season.

        UCLA is a very talented team and it will be a tough game. He hopes that the crowd will be very loud this weekend.

        There were too many TFLs against our offense. We did not handle it well initially.

        Special teams – punt game is outstanding. We made our kicks. The kickoff coverage was bad, but the Weber return guy may be the best we face all season.

        We had a lot of injuries. He hopes to get some back but he can’t say for certain who can play. We lost 3-4 more guys this last week.

        We do more QB runs with Nate than Cam because of his skills. As Nate evolves – we will expand the playbook for him. Nate’s playlist is about half of what Cam’s would be.

        It has been challenging who to play the first three weeks. If we were at full strength – we would be a very good football team, but we are not that.

        Manier made the most of his opportunity last week. He seems to be shaky if Vele plays next week.

        Whitt likes wrestlers, basketball players, and Rugby players.

        UCLA’s QB is already a very good player and productive.

        We have a lot of confidence in our defense. You saw what Florida did to Tennessee. Because our defense is so good – it affects our decisions on offense.

        We will continue to recruit SoCal, but we will not have as much emphasis there.

        What did he learn from the tape? How we did things like the fundamentals. Felt great about the D and okay about the offense.

        It’s a little tough to scout UCLA because of lesser competition but there is still a lot to learn looking at each individual player and how they move.

        The PAC12 conference is very impressive. The schedule will be challenging.

        In any given game – you have about 36 key players. When you lose 16 of 36 – it is very hard.

        Rose will likely not be in the mix this season because he has missed too much time.

        Barnes had a great attitude about the changes.

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        Ute Fan

        Thanks as always. McClain is a playmaker, he gets YAC. Why hasn’t he played all this time? He should get as many reps as anyone in the WR room. I don’t care about experience or knowledge of the system or the qualitative stuff, he’s a talent. Just get him on the field and get him the ball.

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          Tony (admin)

          Get him the damn ball!

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          Ute Fan

          Sounds like McClain also got injured this game….

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        Ute Fan

        The news on Rose is discouraging. I like what I have seen from NJ but I was hoping we could get a glimpse of him.

        2023 year of the injury. Real bum deal.

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        Tony (admin)

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          Ute Fan

          Hey Tony, just curious and you may have addressed this already so my apologies if so, but from the app your link isn’t showing as a hyperlink and can’t be copied.

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            Ute Fan

            Start the video, click “YouTube” to watch inside YouTube and you’ll have a window with the URL.

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        Ute Fan

        Didn’t he throw a pass right to the defender that was dropped? That wasn’t a glaring error?

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          Ute Fan

          Scott Mitchell said that was the receiver’s fault. He said the ball was thrown exactly where the receiver should have been. Don’t know if he was right, but he knows qb stuff.

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          Tony (admin)

          50/50 on whose fault it was.

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        Ute Fan

        The TFL comment sticks out. I was quite impressed with Weber’s team speed.

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        Ute Fan

        I don’t know if the Weber state returner is the best we see this year. Zachariah branch is a stud.

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