Why does everyone think Washington will boat race us?

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        Ute Fan

        Grow some kahones Ute fans. Holy hell. It’s pathetic. 

        Washington is a very, very, very good team. BUT, they haven’t played anyone like us. Look at their schedule:

        OOC: Rutgers, Idaho, Portland State. Oh man, let’s give up! They are great. Good god. 

        Home: Stanford and Oregon State. Oregon State SUCKS. Stanford is a bad team right now. I said before the year that Stanford reminded me of Utah the last two years: Decent OL, NFL RB, ok, TO free QB. Nope. Their offense SUCKS. They are an embarrassment to the three Stanford fans out there. 

        Road: Arizona and Oregon. Oregon is TERRIBLE as well. They are the worst team in the PAC-12. BY FAR. They are terrible. And Arizona? They are slightly better. Oh, and Arizona took Washington to overtime. 

        Is Washington good? Yup. Are they great? Maybe. Are they some proven, battle tested, dominant program like USC or Alabama? 

        Hell NO. They have done s**t yet. We are BY FAR the best team they have played this year. Hell, we are the first DECENT team they have played this year. We beat them down last year. We have the ability and talent to beat them down this year. 

        Do I think we blow them out? Nope. 

        BUT, IF they beat us, it will be a tight, close game. We’ve been through battles already this year. Washington hasn’t. We will see where we are in the fourth quarter come Saturday.

        If we still had John Pease as our DC, we’d win this game going away. Having Scalley and his gimmicky crap will give Wahington a chance.

        p.s. Side note here, those of you that say, “Washington passes the eye test”…are you the same people that mocked me when I said I’d rather have Travis Wilson than Taysom Hill and Jordan Wynn over Heaps? Utah’s QB’s were better, but BYU’s passed “the eye test”.


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        Ute Fan

        Strong take, I like it!!

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        Cojones** I don’t think so anymore. Joe, Patrick and CBB makes for a pretty dynamic cover. 

        Defense needs to tackle a lot better. 

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          Ute Fan

          If we want to get technical *cajones*  jk, looks like I never knew the slang word correctly 🙁 so much for my Spanish degree

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        We want a snow game.

        Utah is right in that UW has had an easy schedule. They really haven’t been tested and this game is on the road for them.

        Utah is very nicked up, but they continue to be resilient.

        My disappointment in Troy Williams continues. He’s a good game manager, but not much else. I see mechanics problems on throws. He has poor pocket awareness. With his running ability, he should have far more escapability.

        Joe Williams, what can you say. He was lights out yesterday. He could alter the equation against UW.

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        Ute Fan

        Because our defense has been torched time and time again by much lesser offenses than UW. We let Fal-awful come in and pick apart our defense. We couldn’t tackle worth a s**t and they ripped off multiple huge plays. Jake Browning is 10x the quarterback Fal-awful is, has better receviers, and Washington has a better defense.

        It’s not really unreasonable to think they will win big.

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        User Suspended

        I agree with what you say.


        Unfortunelty Kwhitt still has a couple of MWC coaches on the team that have no part coaching in the PAC12 

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        Ute Fan

        Bought tix to this game as soon as we won yesterday. Sure we probably lose but im not scared of Washington in our house and I do think we can win this game. Everyone expecting a blowout is nuts. The spread is 11 points.

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        Ute Fan

        Injuries is my biggest concern, particularly at key positions and to key personnel.

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        Ute Fan

        I don’t know why.
        They will not.

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        Ultimate Ute
        Ute Fan

        If Penn State can beat Ohio State in State College, PA, then Utah can beat Washington in SLC.

        Hey, just go with it.

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        Homer Crimson
        Ute Fan

        Remember, the same is true for the Utes- we haven’t really played a great team yet, and we lost to a Cal team that we should have beat. UDub is the most complete team in the P12 and the toughest D we will face. If we were healthy, I’d agree with you but we’re depleted.

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