Why I like Utah to win Saturday

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      UW and Utah have played similar opponents.  The total yardage difference between us and our opponents is 221 yards per game.  The difference for UW is 50 yards.

      Utah played even with the Huskies last December and lost because of a fluke pick 6.  Utah has improved, especially on offense and our defense has never played better.  UW lost 9 defensive starters another 5 on offense.  They have some young, talented athletes; but, they are not as good as they were last December.

      I don’t think it will be an easy game.  UW is well-coached and they have tons of talent, especially at QB.  Nonetheless, I think we win on Saturday afternoon in Seattle.

      Go Utes!!!


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      Ute Fan

      The lockdown of the opponents passing attack since USC is insane. It isn’t just holding teams below their averages. It is holding them to almost nothing. In the modern era of football and in the PAC12 for that matter it is INSANE!

      I feel the biggest difference is that regardless of Huntley’s health he will most likely be closer to 100% this week. It doesn’t matter though, the game has slowed down for him in that cliche sense and he is working to get NFL to maybe have a shot of making a squad. 

      Second biggest difference is in the same vein. Utah is healthy. Overall top to bottom most of the players are not super dinged up. Less snaps played and the reliability of Ludwig has allowed for that. Last year Chase Hansen was all sorts of messed up, Covey the best target Utah had was banged up. Seemed like a lot of the team was hobbled last November. 

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        Ute Fan

        Can we keep up our insane dominance of our defense?  We’ve given up 10 points in 14 quarters.

        Remember that Oregon gave up something like 1 TD in over 60 opponent possessions going into their game in Seattle and the Huskies put up a lot of points up on the board.

        We can win in Seattle, but may need some scores out of our offense to do so.


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        Oregon’s D was locking down opponents prior to their game with WA. This is a different O than what we have been playing. Doesn’t mean we won’t find success, but they have a much better OL and QB than what we’ve feasted on. Good news is for the first time in a while our Offense can win games too. Play clean and our O gives us the W IMO.

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          @utefansince79. You beat me to it!

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          While I buy the argument of inexperienced o-lines and QBs for Cal and ASU, Washington State and Oregon State have highly effective passing attacks that we squelched. Not saying that Petersen won’t pull something effective out of the hat, but the fact that Leach couldn’t gives me some comfort.

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