• I keep seeing replies with different thoughts about Whittingham, but still very few names with a justification as to why. I read Stanford’s DC, Bryan Harsin, and Ryan Day, but why would you recommend these people? Again, I want legitimate reasons for moving on from Whittingham (and any of the current staff). If you’re anti-Whittingham or…[Read more]

  • <That’s Mark Harlan’s job. Not ours. >

    Yes, OBVIOUSLY it’s his job to make the hire, but it’s not unreasonable for me to ask people to justify their claims for Whitt’s firing.

  • Whittingham has done an amazing job before Utah was in the Pac-12 and even with the transition into the Pac-12.  However, as of late, it seems like his ceiling of performance is relatively low, especially concerning the offense.  So, some people have been calling for Whitt to be fired and I welcome that consideration as long as there is a…[Read more]

  • @utah

    I think you’re right about waiting to form an opinion until after the Cal game. I think (for both teams last night) neither really knew what to expect from the other on offense and didn’t really adjust super well at half-time. Like you noted, Arizona, like Cal vs UNC, fell asleep during the second half and especially during the 3rd…[Read more]

  • Based on what TDS looked like versus Arizona, what are you thinking will be the key for beating TDS? Clearly it’s a very run-first offense with lots of jet sweeps, setting up a lot of play-action passing; when a non play-action pass was called, Mangum looked terrible and somewhat flat-footed. Arizona’s D-line was terrible and I can’t imagine…[Read more]

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