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    I am going to cherish each and every snap we get to watch marquis Blair

    I can’t remember a more electric defender to watch.  So bummed he lost half of last year.

  • BattleGroundUte

    I think if you are a running back there is a certain amount of fear when he is running downfield at ya. 

    He does need to learn fundamentals better and I am confident Scalley will coach him up. 

  • Duhwayne

    I love to watch him too.

  • Red Don

    Talk about a high motor; that guy is something else.

  • chinngiskhaan

    I disagree. He has a ton of potential, but he literally doesn’t know how to tackle. He only knows how to hit, he plays dirty (though I don’t think he’s a dirty player, just the way he plays the game). I don’t like it one bit.

    If he could learn to tackle… you know, use appendages other than his head… he’d be a great player. As of last year, he is a good player. He is also not very good at all in pass coverage.

    That being said, he played linebacker up until this past year, so I understand his limitations, and he obviously has a ton of room to grow.

    • Wilson's Mustache

      There are not enough eye roll emojis for this post.

      • chinngiskhaan

        which part of it do you disagree with? Be specific please.

        • BattleGroundUte

          He has some very good open field tackles in this video. That being said he does have some just hitting with his shoulder which I don’t like. I want players across the game of Football to move away from this. 


          I think Rugby teaches the best way to tackle.  Concussions used to be very common in Rugby because of the hard hitting head jarring hits.  They realized this wasn’t sustainable and changed the rules.


  • chinngiskhaan

    yes, obviously my post contained much in the way of hyperbole. He does use his hands and arms on occasion… It just needs to be the rule rather than the exception for him.

    There aren’t a lot of things I hate about football watching… but the one thing I do hate is the constant stream of injuries I see.

    • Rick

      I think he tackles fine but needs to stop leading with his head.

      • chinngiskhaan

        yeah… he obviously does know how to tackle, he just doesn’t do it nearly as often as he should. You can tell in the games following his suspension that he tried to tackle with his arms, but he was so used to leading with his head that his head/shoulers would get there before he remembered to use his arms to wrap up, and it looked bad, but he wasn’t actually trying to hit anyone with his head/shoulder pads.

      • chinngiskhaan

        and I obvoiusly use the word obviously too much these days.