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SEC, Clemson and all the rest.

Book it for the next 5 years. Four play-off teams some combination of Clemson, LSU, Ohio State, Alabama, Georgia. Maybe an occasional Big 12 team to get blasted by one of the SEC teams.

P12 is not even close to any of the above 5 teams. Oregon to be the mainstay at the Rose Bowl.  Crazy how athletic, fast and well coached Clemson and LSU were tonight, fun to watch. 

  • UteThunder

    Nah, Utah and Oregon were both one game away from being the 4th team this year. Someone from the Pac will get in over the next 5 years, and we will likely get a team in more than just once.

    Now, winning the whole thing? Yeah, that will likely be limited to the teams you listed.

      • Swoop Doggy Dogg

        Some valid points, but many overstated ones as well. The All PAC 12 team couldn’t play with LSU? Auburn was within three points of the Tigers and Oregon alone lead them for 59 minutes. Oregon’s defense was better at the end of their season than the start.

        Yes, there is a gap. Not just with PAC 12 teams. The ACC is garbage aside from Clemson. The Big 12 champ, Oklahoma, has been beat by double digits in all but one year they have made the playoffs. And they have yet to win a game.

        The SEC simply has the recruiting base, TV contracts which equal more money to hire better coaches, passionate fan bases and boosters, etc. Any given year, one of five SEC teams could be the mix for the playoffs. Most other leagues there is 1-2, if that.

        It’s always been said the PAC 12 is undermanned in the trenches against the big dogs. But this looks like a skill position issue. All it takes is one magical QB season. I’m curious if LSU competes next year without Burrow or they fall to a 9-3 type of team. Auburn will be the only team with a staring QB returning from a contender in that division.

  • dystopiamembrane

    I see Appalachian State on the rise. Mark my words.

  • Swoop Doggy Dogg

    USC passes him over and few years later Coach Orgeron wins a natty for Baton Rouge.

    • UtahFanSir

      SC wanted eye candy.

      • Swoop Doggy Dogg

        Really, they wanted voice candy. A cajun in LA isn’t proper. We are turning into the UK, where accents denote social status. 

  • Charlie

    I remember when Miami was unbeatable, and Florida State, and Florida, even Penn State, Oklahoma, USC and others. It looks that way now, but then the new juggernauts show up. It does not flip fast but it always flips.