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Which true freshmen have the best chance to have an impact this year?

I think Ritchie and Fillinger have the best chance to contribute immediately. The team will likely need at least a few true freshmen to provide needed depth to our defense that lost all but 2 starters.

  • rbmw263

    I just checked and Clark Phillips is in fact not dead. In fact…


    • PlainsUte

      Captain Phillips!


  • PhiladelphiaUte

    I don’t know about Van Fillinger.  First of all, both he and Xavier Carlton should be interchangeable in my opinion, so VF and XC will be in a fierce battle between themselves.  

    Second, Mika Tafua will be a starter on on end, so that rules about both of them starting.  And should Tupai decide to return, that ought to keep them both off the field for any “impactful” minutes.  And seeing as we still have both Pututau brothers behind Tafua and Tupai, plus a recouperated Kuithe, and an additional Suguturaga, as talented as VF and XC are, I don’t see much chance for meaningful minutes for our new true Freshmen.

    Ritchie and CP3 should have the best chances of making an impact this year.  IMHO.

    • Onlyu

      XC will almost assuredly end up inside so I doubt he takes time away from Van. Phillips is the easy choice with Ritchie a close 2nd. Van will be in the two deep with reps. Vele as a RS freshman will push for time in a deep WR room…some of the best ball skills on the team.

      • Onlyu

        Tupai hasn’t shown to a workout since the bowl game. Granted nothing has been happening but It’s no more than 50/50 he plays again and that’s probably generous.

        • Ute2

          Onlyu with the goods!  Thanks!

  • gandalf

    Haha. Is it good or bad that I don’t even think about Phillips as a freshman? My bad.

  • Pace Manyung
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    Its nice to hear a right winger have the capacity to do the right thing – thank you.

    • Utesbyfive

      Why do you have to make everything political? It’s only the small minded that have to focus on politics, when we’re talking Ute sports.

  • Utesbyfive

    CP3 without doubt.