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  • AlohaUte
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    No, it really doesn’t. It’s a lazy article with little critical thinking. One could write this same article to justify banning cars because of the risk of someone in your family or neighbor being killed. We could justify shutting down the economy every fall during flu season because someone might die of the flu. We could justify banning all guns because someone you love might get shot and killed.  


    On top of that, what is missing is the unintended consequences if we stay shut down for too long because there are no “acceptable deaths”.  What happens when the economy completely collapses, it’s the 1930’s all over again, poverty runs wild across the globe, and the number of deaths due to the economic collapse and resulting poverty far outpaces the number of deaths from this virus. What is wrong with our society that few people seem to be able to look at all angles of issues and analyze and consider them?  Who will hold you or Mitch Albom etc accountable when people start dying because the health systems collapsed because no one had the money to pay for it anymore or when people are dying of starvation in mass droves in (insert country here) due to the global economic collapse as a result of over extreme action taken to stop a virus that (when all is said and done) is likely to have a less than 1% death rate of people infected?  

    Yes, the actions taken up to now are smart and necessary. Quarantine and shutting things down in order to not overwhelm health systems was smart and necessary. And any locations still currently dealing with increasing outbreaks or a health system on the brink (Like apparently in Alabama) should not open up. But in Idaho or Utah or Montana or even New York at this point it makes sense to open up.   This whole “not even 1 death” is acceptable is complete and utter nonsense. We live with risk of death everyday. Welcome to being human.

    • Utesbyfive

      That’s the reality, we continue to keep the economy closed, and we’re facing a second great depression. It sucks, but there it is. Plagues happen, and life must go on. Take precautions, mitigate it as best you can, and keep going. I just wish the whole notion of wearing masks and social distancing hadn’t become a damned political issue.

      • Pace Manyung
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        I agree regarding the masks and social distancing…if the hard right supporters would just swallow their pride and do the things that make the other side safe…things might get back to *normal at a faster pace.  Unfortunetly I think they’ll all go bat crazy defiant and throw all the ways to midigate the spread out the window.

        • Utesbyfive
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          I’m fairly righ-wing and I’m wearing a mask and keeping my distance. It think it’s absolutely bats**t that some have turned it into some kind of “constitutional rights” issue, and think it’s a conspiracy. I’m embarassed.