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I like starting with WSU

They are a bit depleted.  Better than starting with Oregon IMO.


  • Tony

    Haven’t paid attention to what their new coaching staff is putting in.  Are they still going to be air raid or something else?

    • Hellhound152

      More of a run and shoot.  Similar but deeper rout concepts and more option looks in the run game.

      • Ute2

        I too like this.  I like that we’re giving our secondary some time to grow up with less elite opponents before we see Washington usc and Oregon.


        hope i don’t eat my words because of a wazzu air attack

        • Hellhound152

          The crazy thing is Gordon would have been the perfect QB for the new offense because he was more athletic than some of the past Leach QB’s.  I wonder of the guys left in the stable who will fit or if he has brought somebody with him.  Hawaii had a freshman kid from Mariotta’s highschool that was taking reps from MacDonald last season, wonder if he will follow his old coach. 

      • CB_Ute

        Run and gun*

        • Hellhound152

          Nope, this is literally Mouse Davis’ run and shoot offense.  Not Steve Spurriers Florida offense.


      • Well, yeah, since their new head coach used to be the head coach at Hawaii, and that’s what they run.