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Well, that escalated quickly…

Didn’t see this one coming!



  • UtahUtesRock

    First it’s two coeds showing up to a game in paint and pasties and now they’re threatening to destroy all humanity. Must be a different curriculum they’re teaching than when I was up at the U. 

  • CincyUte

    Wow.  I’m really glad we won.

  • Stone
    4 1

    Arresting the girl seems a bit much. Go give her a warning or something. Clearly it is a joke – does anyone really think there is a female Utah fan so passionate as to detonate a nuclear reactor if the football team loses to SDSU?

    I mean, if it was the Rose Bowl, maybe, but non-conference to SDSU? Seems like some authorities are on a power trip.

    In solidarity, all fans at the next home game should, in unison, repeat whatever words she used that caused her arrest. Force them to either arrest and prosecute everyone or drop the charges against her.

    • UteManX

      In addition to this let’s all wear body paint shirts.

    • bopahull

      Does anyone really think you can detonate a nuclear reactor?