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Identity Basketball?

It appears that Craig Smith may have given the running Utes a defensive identity but time will tell if this holds true. One stat I’m hoping holds true is perimeter defense strength. Washington state shot 4 of 30 from 3 13%, Arizona 4 of 28 from 3 14%, Mississippi St shot 9 of 38 from 3 23%. In the world of chuck the 3 30+ times a game this could prove to be an advantage. I’m optimistic on where things are going. 

  • dystopiamembrane

    We have Jacksonville State tonight at 8p MT. Let’s keep the train moving.

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  • GameForAnyFuss

    The perimeter defensive strength will be tested tonight like it hasn’t been yet this year. Jacksonville St. averages 11 threes made per game on 42% 3-point shooting (6th in the country).

  • Staples

    Poor shooting by the opposition has happened enough times to not be a coincidence by now. This team is winning with defense and just enough offense most of the time. Not always the prettiest, but it’s an easy team to get behind because they battle.

    • utefansince79

      One of the greatest attributes of our great teams under Majerus was the high frequency of ice-cold shooting games by our opponents.