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My prediction for the Utes last ten games

I think we will go 6-4 and considering the schedule, that’s not too bad. If we do win six more games – we will end up 13-7 in conference play. Considering where we were – this would be a major accomplishment. Coach K left us in a bad place. I like the direction we are headed. I hope we can get back to where Ute basketball was 20 years ago.

And I am so impressed with our women’s team. They are an excellent team!

  • Tony (admin)

    Yes sir. 

    • utefansince79

      Men were picked 10th (I believe) in pre-season polls.  Certainly are exceeding expectations.

      And DAMN those ladies are playing some great ball right now.



  • Charlie

    That would be good. There are 4 games we should win and we get a couple of 50/50 games. I am hoping we have another quite unexpected win coming. Than at least 1 win in the tournament.

    • utefansince79

      Haven’t seen anyone mention it yet but Branden was named PAC12 player of the week, a well deserved honor.


  • AlaskaSteveUteAlum

    My prediction is a sweep of the Oregon schools this week, and a sweep of UCLA and USC at the Huntsman. The only high probability loss, in my opinion, is at Arizona in Tucson. They will be up for the rematch.

    • The Miami Ute

      Wow Steve, that’s a bold statement. I wish I had as much confidence as you. Utah had only won once in Eugene so effecting an Oregon sweep would be historic in my view. Personally, I think they lose in Oregon, lose a close one to UCLA, and ultimately get blown out in Tucson. I think they sweep the Bay Area schools, beat the Beavers handily, and win close games against Colorado and USC. The games at Boulder and Tempe could be losses as well. If I was a betting man, I’d say a 5-5 stretch run record is likely. I hope I’m wrong, but this team can have bad nights and look positively awful against good competition.

      • D T

        Our D will always give us a shot, but man we’re awful offensively when we’re cold from deep.

        • The Miami Ute

          As in the Oregon game a couple of weeks ago. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the Utes in person play so badly. With a regular shooting performance, that game is a relatively easy W.