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Saunders, Jr. to McNeese State (Louisiana)

I hope he likes playing in the Southland Conference…I guess it beats sitting on the bench at Utah.

  • utefansince79

    I won’t speculate on what happened with him here at Utah as I can’t really know the facts.  He possibly needs to change some things but I hope this move works out for him.  



  • Ute Dub

    Yesterday I watched Timmy Allen (Texas) and Ian Martinez (Maryland) play, and David Jenkins (Purdue) the day before. Neither Martinez nor Jenkins are starters, hell, neither is Pelle. College basketball has transfers playing on every team. It’s just the way it is now. Utah will likely pick up another transfer or two, but it’s difficult to say they will buy in and be difference makers. 

    • Ute2

      Isn’t that just crazy?


      that’s the tragedy of Krystowiak.  There was so much talent on that team his last year.  Stacked really.  He just couldn’t coach them up… on offense at least.  

      same thing when Boylen left.  The tourney was heavily dotted with former Utes the next year that we’re contributing for teams that we’re doing things in the tourney.  

      • Redblood

        I think the point was they do not start on their current teams. That’s how far away we are. Lamenting about players who left who are better than we currently have AND who don’t start on the teams they transferred to who are in the tourney.

    • PAC12Teams
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      If Majerus was coaching today, he would have lost his players every year.