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Jeromy in SLC

What a difference a week makes!

I know that there are several tests down the line. The LA schools are no joke, and I would give a lot to knock off the two Arizona schools this year.

But the optimism about the program is refreshing. Recruits are buzzing on Twitter, 41 writers had Utah in the top ten, (one had them first, four had them second), the sun is shining, and the team gets a week to rest and recharge before the grind begins.

I hope yesterday opened the eyes of the fans to how great things can be on the hill. I hope it makes the collective us realize the position the school is at in our new neighborhood, open their eyes to the potential, and go all in as a fan, win or lose. That is when the program will turn the corner, and elevate the U to their rightful place in the conscience of the state and the media.

Go Utes! Now destroy Bye this week!

  • Tony

    …until we blow a 30 point lead to Washington State… haha. I kid I kid. Yes nice to have some positive vibes after the first conference game.