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Utah's Offense

Is it safe to say that perhaps Utah was indeed holding back something form the play-calling on both Offense & Defense?

I think we all knew that Utah would score on Oregon’s defense, but what shocked me was just how bad Utah made Oregon’s offense look. They didn’t even have a chance to go up tempo. Zero room for Adams to run. Freeman did very little. Completely manhandled Oregon at the line of scrimmage.

I think our suspicions about Utah holding back, for once, was correct.

  • Tony

    From a play calling standpoint it sure would appear so.

  • Utenut

    I was very happy with our lines play on both sides of the ball, a few names Asiata, Lotuleilei, Fitts (hope he’ll be okay). Nothing works if the lines don’t dominate the other side.

  • Jeromy in SLC

    Defensively, I didn’t see anything fancy. Saw one safety blitz that the Qb rolled away from, and found Domo Hatfield in the endzone 🙂

    But I really like what I saw. Guys stayed in their lanes against the run to prevent cutback lanes and during the pass rush to keep the Qb contained. Nothing fancy. Just bloodied the nose of the guy in front of them.