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Other teams to watch…

Huntley averaged 294.8 total yards his first season as a starter, that’s impressive. Does he stay around that number, drop or exceed that stat his second time around. What say you Ute fans?


  • Onlyu

    With the strength of an experienced O-line, a full stable of running backs and a QB returning in the same offense a dip would be a major disappointment.  Have to take advantage of the home games against the big teams next year.  3 of the 4 ranked teams have to play in the RES and we always match up well with the Furd so plenty to be optimistic about in my mind.  

    We’ve never been in a better spot talent wise these next 3 or 4 years.  If we’re going to be able to take the next step it has to happen in that time frame!!


    • IglooDweller

      I agree. I hope the coaching staff feels a sense of urgency.

    • Pace Manyung

      I agree with you. As the year worn on I began to view Huntley as a bit selfish and not using (or recognizing ) the tools at his deposal. A lot of hero ball going on without the results to back it up. 


      For this offense to take the next step Kwitt & co will need to really work with Huntley to help him become a better passing QB AND also demand he let Moss carry the load on the ground.  

  • Utah

    Second year in, I fully expect our QB to have 50 yards rushing a game and 250 yards passing. 

    In an ideal world, Huntley starts, runs for 60 yards a game and throws for 275. 

    That would mean he’d be better. 

    • concerned

      hope so.  if Huntley runs as much as he did last year, we wont be very good even if he is healthy.  he has got to manage the offense better, distribute the ball better, and get everyone else involved.  Most of all, he has got to learn to make the rpo more quickly and decisively.  Lots of times last year, by the time he read the defense and made the decision to keep or hand off, it was too late to be effective.

      • ladyinred

        This is true, and it was especially obvious in the bowl game compared to the final game of the season where a much less selfish Troy Williams handed the ball off and Moss shredded Colorado. 


        If the coaches are worth their salt, they will rid him of those bad habits. I think they are. We’ll see.