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Pace Manyung
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So as it stands today, Utah is ranked last in the PAC12 and 76th in the nation…


And before, you go balistic, I know, I know, kwhitt’s new strategy is to slow play the process.  But my question is, can Utah match what they did last year (33rd) or will this be a step back..

I’m not hearing about any *4 stars and now that Daniels is probably a miss and the chances of landing Vimahi is sounding sketchy – does anyone know about any other *4 Utah has a decent shot at? 



  • sweetgrass

    if only we had made it to the Redbox bowl ahead of Oregon … curses

    Utah has around 11 scholarships only (due to small Sr. class) and 9 guys already committed, and since recruiting rankings are obsessed with quantity vs. quality this class isn’t going to finish top 50

    • Dante Guardi

      why would we want the redbox bowl?

      • Xanthis

        Its a joke because Pace was convinced Oregon jumped Utah in the bowl selection process. He apparently didn’t know Holiday bowl picks 2nd and Redbox picks 3rd. 

        • tarheelute

          Technically Oregon could have been selected, and many others, in addition to Pace thought it would happen. Should he have been convinced? And, it happened at least once in recent years, notably when Utah was relegated to Las Vegas bowl (6th tie-in) when the Utes deserved at least Foster Farms Bowl (4th), considering the 17th ranked Utes were arguably the third best PAC-12 team in ’15.

  • palos_verdes_ute

    You don’t know football

    • BattleGroundUte

      Or math. 

      • EastCoastUte

        come on guys, atleast he’s trying.

        • BattleGroundUte

          “Trying is the first step to failure”

  • tarheelute

    How many departing scholarship seniors depart this year? Eleven I thought. Should that not limit the number of new recruits Utah can bring in on scholarship? The Ute 247 (76) Rivals (74) is not great, however the Rivals quality number of 3.11 ranks 29th, and the 247 Avg” of 85.88 puts Utah in the low 40s I believe.

    ** After I hit ‘Submit’, I note Sweetgrass made the same point.

    • Utesbyfive

      Yes, Whitt said as much. I think Onlyu also said this was going to be a small class.

    • cjd1

      Thanks for posting that. Pace sounds like a zoob not knowing quality vs quantity.

      • tarheelute

        Pace he asks a interesting question. The commitment discussion can get complicated. But I don’t think he’s a BYU fan, for asking.

    • Twelve seniors, and probably two or three other departures, excluding Tuttle. 

      What’s that, 15 scholarships?

  • tarheelute

    And if we look at our “rival” Colorado, certainly as their new coach Mel Tucker comes on board.

    Colorado recruiting classes – ranking within Pac12:
    – 2013 – #12 in Pac12
    – 2014 – #12 in Pac12
    – 2015 – #12 in Pac12
    – 2016 – #12 In Pac12
    – 2017 – #8 in Pac12
    – 2018 – #10 in Pac12
    – 2019 – #7 in Pac12

    Mel Tucker is considered one of Georgia’s ace recruiters.
    Just for the 2019 Georgia class, Tucker was the lead recruiter for (7) 4/5* commits.

    Generally speaking, year in and year out, the composition of Colorado’s classes are:
    – About 10 from CA.
    – About 5 from TX.
    – About 3 from CO.
    – Then a smattering of 1’s from across the southeast.

    The first thing I expect Tucker to do is lock down the state of Colorado.
    Colorado produces about 15 kids every year that are P5 caliber players.
    Instead of the normal 3-4 Colorado kids, I expect Tucker’s Colorado numbers will be more around 8 …. which will hurt Nebraska and Stanford mainly.

    Where is Utah with respect to locking down Utah? (a rhetorical – not great)

    ** credit due to my work-mate – a Texas A&M fan for the stats

    • Chidojuan

      I wonder if that is possible in cold weather states though.  He might get more than the previous staff, but I don’t think you can lock down cold states.

      • tarheelute

        We will see. But I expect Utah, ASU and Colorado (defense first teams) to pound down the competition over the next few years. Good for us, we won’t see Colorado until the last game of the year.

        • Distantute
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          Everyone said last year was going to be a small class last year at this time when we had few commits.  Thats a cop out and not based in reality.  Fact is if we are able to get commits from the guys we offered the class will be big/same as last year and romm will be made.  If we are not able to get commits the class will be small.  It is that simple so please hold the “it will be small class because of small senior class”.  Football recruiting doesnt work like that.

  • Feanor

    Well, it does, mostly. You can only have 85 kids on scholarship, so if you have 85 one year, and only 12 kids leave your program after that year, than you can only bring in 12 more the next year. In reality Whit has stated that they normally only have 82-84 guys on scholarship because of the nebulous nature of recruiting, transferring, injuries, etc, so it’s good to keep some flexibility in case you can pick up someone who can help you at an odd time, or in a non-traditional way. So yeah, it’s likely to be a small class this year given the low number of guys expected to leave the program this year. Transfers out and medical retirements will likely increase the class size though.

    • Not to mention RMs. How many do we have coming in this year?

      we also have the three transfers, the two HUGE DLs and Lund. 

  • Feanor

    It sounds like three RMs for sure, Johnny Maea, Semisi Lauaki, and Keaton Bills, with a possible fourth, but it’s uncertain.
    Another thing coaches can do to dance around scholarship limitations is to ask a guy to greyshirt, or to give a guy preferred walkon status with the promise that they’ll get a scholarship as soon as one becomes available, which one usually does at some point in their first season. It seems like if coaches get a very talented late addition they don’t have room for they’ll ask one of the less talented recruits to greyshirt. I think that’s what happened to Jake Grant in the 2015 class. Understandable if that angers a kid, but he stuck with the Utes, greyshirted a year and is still on the team; hopefully he’ll be a contributor next season.

    • EastCoastUte

      yeah, those 3 guys and the rest of the RM’s that committed to BYU during pre-mish days.

  • Utahute72

    Part of the equation on recruting classes is the size of the class.  Because Utah has returning missionaries they will almost always have less recruits in a class than others.  Secondly Utah does not, in general, play bait and switch.  A number of schools overrecruit and don’t bother to tell the player their scholarship is on shaky ground  If Utah gets to the point where they are running out of spaces they tell the kid before the end of the cycle so they can find a spot.  This isn’t true of other programs.

  • noneyadb

    a small class this year, only 12 kids likely to be signed, and they sent out 222 offers and the only 4* commit is a kid who may not pass entry exams… Wow

    • Distantute

      You guys don’t understand college football recr

      • Feanor

        Well then, why don’t you educate us with some facts. Like these: “ Bowl Subdivision Football. [FBS] There shall be an annual limit of 25 on the number of initial
        counters (per Bylaw and an annual limit of 85 on the total number of counters (including initial
        counters) in football at each institution. (Revised: 1/10/91 effective 8/1/92, 12/15/06)”

        An NCAA division 1 FBS program can have up to 85 scholarship players on their roster at any time. That is a hard limit. The 25 “initial counters” limit is a little more flexible. You can “push forward” a guy to count against the following year, and play the games I pointed out in the posts above. There is also the practice of “oversigning” some programs use. This wikipedia article explains it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oversigning Also points out what a sleaze Nick Saban is.

        I fully admit that I’m not an expert on the subject, and there are plenty of things I don’t understand about recruiting, but saying that if we can get commitments from as many talented players as we can we’ll find room for all of them is clearly false.

    • Dante Guardi

      are u talking about Darren Jones?

  • Dante Guardi

    A couple of JC 4 stars we have a good shot at are Quandre Mosely (Safety) and Bamidele Osmele (OL). Mosely LOVED his visit and it doesn’t look like he has a ton of schools looking at him. Hopefully ASU doesn’t swoop in at the last minute and take them from us like it looks like they will with Jayden Daniels…

    • Distantute

      Oregon just offered mosely.  Worries me