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I made the mistake of looking at CB. Anyways aome jackoff says that Zach Moss Hurr his knee again and is out for the year. Anyone heard anything like this ? ONLYU any serious injuries or things for us to be aware of ? 

  • FtheY

    They also said Francis Bernard is going to medically retire, which is the opposite is what OnlyU had said. Until I hear things from OnlyU himself, I’m not paying attention to the CB….even as fun as it is to drive by sometimes. 

  • GameForAnyFuss

    If he did, it must have been slipping in the shower because the team isn’t practicing this week.

    • Pace Manyung

      Or getting out of bed…oh wait, crap..

      • GameForAnyFuss
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        Yeah, you’d think Whit could recruit guys who can get out of bed without hurting themselves. Clearly a failure on the recruiting front.

  • ironman1315

    And moss is t participating in spring.

  • BattleGroundUte

  • Onlyu

    News to me. Francis just had the shoulder cleaned out so I wouldn’t characterize it as a major surgery. Not sure how they could say he was done because he’s not even into full on rehab yet. I don’t know what Zach could have done to add another 6-9+ months to his time out when he’s not doing anything but lifting and riding a bike. Have you seen the size of his legs???

  • chinngiskhaan

    Not true, it was a joke.

    they said: Kyle retiring because of laser tag injury, covey retiring for a book deal. Bernard hurt his shoulder tackling moss, moss also hurt on said tackle.

  • EastCoastUte

    I’ll give CB credit. Their Trolling level on utes is on a whole new level.

  • Utah5410

    Sorry peeps. Momentarily lack of judgement won’t happen again. In all seriousness, ONLYU has been spot on with virtually everything. So I’ll wait to hear from him on anything serious.

    • RiseasUtes

      They have nothing else at this point.  If they can get one over on one of us every once in awhile they feel like they won something.  I’ll let me have that as long as we keep beating them on the field.

    • FtheY

      Stay strong! I’m guilty of it too sometimes.