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    Huntley ranks 16/130 QBs in the nation. 3rd in pac 12


  • Hammer

    Wow! It will be interesting to see how he performs under Ludwig instead of Taylor.

  • Central Coast Ute
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    Shhhhh, don’t tell the zoobs. They think Zach Wilson is the best QB in the west.

    • ironman1315

      Let’s hypothetically suppose I did. 

      • Central Coast Ute

        Provo would implode. Which I’m ok with.

        • ironman1315

          That seems to be what is happening. Claims of Huntley being inaccurate, then when countered with facts being met with a meh. Good times.

          • BD

            Yup. I read that thread. Something about a few bad throws by Huntley against Washington being the difference in that game, but forgetting a pick-six by Wilson being the difference in the rivalry game.


            Personally, it does appear that perhaps Wilson can be a pretty good QB for them – nothing against that happening. Hope the kid does well. But they have a lot of hype over a QB that really hasn’t played much at all yet. And, it seems that Wilson playing well the first half in the rivalry game last year happened when the Utes held back a bit in the first half of that game – although I haven’t looked up playing time for starters on defense in that game to prove that.

  • HCHooligan

  • ayoriver

    Interesting Herbert isn’t the top 5 of that PFF stat, I wonder where he landed on there. The difference between Huntley and Costello is more than double the difference between Costello and Garbers.

    • Hellhound152

      Am I the only one that thinks the Herbert love has more to do with his “prototype” nfl measurables than on field performance?  No question he was a man on fire before the injury against ASU in 17′ but since he has been a very average PAC 12 qb.

  • Jordan Huntley
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    Huntly had 12 passing tds

    4 rushing tds

    6 interceptions

    decent qb rating (140)

    He’s obviously a good QB but I don’t understand how you guys can ignore that Jordan Love is 12th. I’m a die hard utes fan but I’d take Love over Huntley any day… There seems to be a certain amount of ignorance or denial on our board, we won’t be the best team in the state until we agree to play and beat Utah State. I realize we have everything to lose and nothing to gain but as of right now, I’m not sure if we deserve that title.

    • Puget Ute

      I am all for playing USU more often. I think we should rotate them with byu-P. But we can’t even do that until after 2026 because our OOC schedule is locked in and it sucks tremendously.

      Jordan Love is solid and should have a good year. But honestly we don’t know how he would fare against stronger/quicker/smarter athletes week in and week out. I plan to watch USU games this year because my son is going there. But I also know there are 2nd string players at Oregon State who would start at most of USU’s opponents (outside of LSU, byu-P, BSU, and perhaps SDSU).

      Then again, Jordan Love might really blow up and crush it this year. I would love for the Aggies to win the MWC, because they will likely win the conference title in basketball too.

    • I didn’t see anyone claim Love wasn’t 12 or even the best in the state. Where did you see that?

    • KiYi-Ute

      Love is a great QB for USU. And likely his skillset would translate to being a good QB at any university. But saying that Utah would struggle to beat Utah State is a bit of a hot take. We would have the advantage at probably every single other position (except maybe kicker?) and even at QB, it would be close.

    • ironman1315

      Who did love beat that was any good last year?

      • BulgieUte

        Who they played matters but not as much as people suggest it does. Sure he played against less talented defenses, he also was throwing to less talented receivers and being protected by less talented offensive lineman.