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      I might as well get it on record, I see this as an 8-4 season. I think it’s going to be a very good team but I just can’t get past the schedule which has 5 of the 6 toughest games on the road. Even with a healthy Rising and Kuithe, I wouldn’t put it higher than 9-3 (which is the same as the last two seasons but against much better competition).

      — 1-1: I think they will split Florida and Baylor. To be honest, I’m more worried about Florida
      — 6-0: Weber, UCLA, Cal, Arizona State, Arizona, Colorado
      — 1-3: Oregon State, USC, Oregon and Washington. 3 road games and Oregon the week after SC. Utah beats SC at the Colosseum but expends so much doing it that Oregon wins a tight one the following week in RES.

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      Seems like sound reasoning to me. As always I hope for Utah to win every game but 8-4 is a pretty realistic guess.

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      Does anyone in the PAC 12 have a chance of going through conference play with less than 1 or 2 losses? With the conference realignment can’t help but think a lot of teams like Oregon State will go even harder at those that left.

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      I would take a 8-4 season and win in the Coliseum. Seeing Williams cry one more time would be something special.

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        Howdy Eagle…I’ll see you and raise you…I’d take an 8-4 season if it included a victory at the Coliseum AND an ass-whooping of the Gators…Gators are taking off like a rocket ship in the annoying race…hell, I’d be tempted to take a 2-10 season if it meant crapping from a great height on both those teams.

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      We do have a very tough schedule. There is not a lot of room for injuries and boneheaded mistakes. Both will happen. I hope we can do better than 8-4. However, I understand where you are coming from.

      As I have posted before – I am going to sit back and enjoy watching this team play. I am not going to worry about making it to the CFP or even a conference championship. If we start off something like 7-0, I will probably change my mod. 🙂

      Go Utes!!!

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      Pretty reasonable prediction. A lot of things just are not going our way in the preseason. Tough schedule, Cam and Kuithe still recovering, Rose getting hurt, and not being able to get Trejan Bridges, for whom we saved a scholarship. That being said, I think it’s still possible we go 10-2 as a best case scenario. Florida and Baylor are going to be tough games, but I don’t think it’s unlikely that we start 2-0. The lack of Cam and Kuithe could just make those games more hard fought. However, if we can start 2-0 and get Cam and Kuithe back for pac 12 play, I think we’d be in really good position to end 10-2. I’m not particularly sold on Washington or Oregon State yet.

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