Bill Riley thinks WSU would be our most difficult matchup in Vegas

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        Ute Fan

        Bill watches a lot more football than I ever will and he has many contacts in the PAC12.  However, I admit that I thought just the opposite.  I thought WSU would be our best matchup.  

        – We demolished the Ducks but it’s very hard to do that twice in 13 days.

        – OSU ran all over us when we played them in Corvalis.  We had no answers for their running game.  Are we a better defense than we were then?  Yeah, I think we are.  However, the OSU coaches saw a weakness we had and exploited it.

        – We did not look good against WSU IMO.  But, that was a long time ago.  It was Rising’s first start and I don’t think our offensive line had found themselves yet.  Also, I think we fumbled 6 or 7 times in that game.  Billy Riley points out that they did not have their star QB in that game.  That’s what worries him.

        So, I don’t know and I guess it really doesn’t matter.  We will play whichever team ends up on top by Saturday evening.  If Oregon wins Saturday, we will simply need to take care of business in Vegas.  I suspect we will have at least 30,000 fans there.  Oregon may get 20k but I don’t see WSU or OSU getting more than 10k to the game.


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        Ute Fan

        I think all three games have the potential to be a war.  

        Oregon’s self-respect will be on the line.

        OSU has beat us before and they can do it again (although they lost to Cal, Wazzou & Colorado on the road).  Personally, this is who I want as I’d like a little payback.

        Wazzou has been playing very well as of late.  They’re a different team with de Laura running things.  

        I like our chances in all three games, especially since the Death Star should be packed with loud & obnoxious Ute fans (including me).


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        Ute Fan

        We had major problems in the redzone against OSU… problems that have been largely solved with Tavion. We played them at their place. We would almost certainly have more fans than them in Vegas.

        even if our defense sucks against them again, we win with a slight improvement in redzone efficiency and special teams play.

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        Ute Fan

        Bottom line, Utah wants respect as a top team in the P12, show up and beat whoever is in front of you. Other than 2008, KW has struggled to get his team over the hump for whatever reason of playing as a winner in key games. The opportunity has been right in front of them the past three years (not counting Covid year).

        I would rather see Utah play a team they have the best opportunity to out coach. IMO, game plan and preparation has been the biggest weakness in the P12 championship games for Utah. Can Utah get over the hump and win on 12/3? Utah needs to focus on how they play not who they play and not get hypnotized by the big stage. 

        No body cares Utah has been the P12 South champion for four years. Utah is tied for the most losses in the P12 Championship game and if they lose on 12/3 will hold that record alone. This is a magical year for Utah, get it done Utes. Nobody wants this more than KW. Big time teams step up to the big time challenges. Go Utes!

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          Ute Fan

          Disagree- Injuries have been the biggest factor. Pretty hard to compete when missing key starters for a championship game. Oregon had 11 starters missing last week, yes they recruit better, but the experience lost is a huge factor at this time of year.

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            2008 National Champ
            Ute Fan

            That 11 starters is a misleading stat. Vaughn was Utah’s third string corner so technically Utah has lost two starters at the position. Not quite the same as if Utah had lost both Broughton and Phillips.

            The more telling stat to me was that Utah beat down Oregon with 6 starters on defense who are either true or redshirt freshman. Everyone is banged up this time of year. If Oregon doesn’t have quality backups ready to go, that is on them. I don’t have a lot of time for excuses at this point.

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        Ute Fan

        Honestly it is hard to say. Play whowever is there. These guys are 7-1 in the conference at this point, I have zero concern that there is a team they can’t handle. If Utah plays Wazzu and can’t beat them, that is pretty embarassing for all, for multiple reasons. 

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        Ute Fan

        I’d rather play OSU or Wazzu over Oregon. I just don’t like the quick turn around with Oregon and could see that as a potential roadblock. 

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        Ute Fan

        OSU is our best matchup. We will be out for revenge, we lost a fluke game on the road last time, and we will bring a ton more fans. It will be a home game this time.
        OU is our worst matchup. They’re a wounded rattlesnake. They will be cranky and looking to bite someone. They will bring a lot of fans to Vegas.

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          Ute Fan

          Oregon would be looking to avenge a rather humiliating defeat.  But Wazzou or Oregon State would be very hungry to win their first Pac12 title game.  As always, I say worry about next opponent (Colorado) but nice to know we are headed to Vegas for a great oppotunity.


          I for one want a rematch with the Beavers so we have the potential to beat every conference opponent we faced this season.



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          Ute Fan

          Usually agree with you GameForAnyFuss, but not on this one.  That OSU game was no fluke.  They punched us in the mouth.

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        Central Coast Ute
        Ute Fan

        I agree with him. I’ve watched a couple of their games and De Laura might be the best QB in the PAC. Borghi is also a beast. I think the Utes have a better shot at beating either Oregon team than they do WSU

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        Ute Fan

        I want Oregon.  They’re the highest ranked team amid the other 2, and I want to prove to the college football world that the preseason was a fluke, and then set the stage for 2022.

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        Ute Fan

        When we faced WSU Rising was just getting started and is a lot more comfortable now. The OL has greatly improved since then. Thomas had 1 carry. Believe me, WSU would see a greatly improved Utah team.

        In the third quarter vs OSU, Utah had a lead when Lloyd was thrown out of the game. After that Utah went from 3 to 2 LBs and OSU ran all over us for a quarter and a half. Bring Lloyd back into the game and OSU would see a greatly improved Utah team.

        Oregon may have a letdown like Utah saw in 2019 when the opportunity to go to the playoffs vanished. They may lay an egg like we did in Texas. However, they have a game prior that can bring them around and then could want pay back. I wonder how much the Rose means to them. Still, Utah already put together a game plan that boat raced them.

        I think OSU would be the easiest game to win. Oregon would be the most satisfying game to win and benefit us the most in the end. WSU would generate little TV interest. Guess we will do whatever.

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