Has anyone been to Corvallis for a game?

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      I am considering if I should make the 8 hour drive to go to the next game vs Oreogon State.  I have a long weekend and could split up the drive and make it fairly comfortable.  Good tickets look like they can be had for cheap. 

      I could also stay at home and watch the game on a big screen, out of the elements and avoid 16 hours on the road.

      Anyone have any previous experience on the gameday experience there?  If so any opinions on if it is worth my time and what I should I do in Corvallis if I go?

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      I went in 2012 with my brother, it was a fun road trip. The drive is beautiful, especially in Oregon. We and camped along the way, tons of fantastic spots to camp and do outdoors stuff (waterfalls, hot springs). We drove through bend and through the scenic byway I think via Three Sisters Wilderness area and mountain range descending into Foster lake. The coast is really neat. If I recall correctly maybe an hour from Corvallis. The game was a fun atmosphere, the fans gave no trouble. I’d like to do the trip again, maybe this year!

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        Yeah, coast (Newport) is about an hour from Corvalis, only 45-50 miles but do have to go up and over coastal range.  Recommend visiting Newport, nice port, good food, fishing charters.  Oregon State runs an aquarium there and there are nice tidepools and such in Yaquina Head Lighthouse park on the north edge of Newport.  Also, there’s a lighthouse!;)   As most you probably know, weather conditions on coast can be completely different than Corvallis.


        Personally only passed-through Corvallis, we took a quick drive by the campus and had a sandwich at a deli. Seems like there were a number of brew pub type places.

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      Yeah, I prefer going to OSU games over Oregon games. As others have said, coast is close. However, if you can make it up to Lincoln City, very nice little nook. Tsunami zone. S**tload of crab

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      I’ve been to a game in Corvallis – it was awesome! Whole town was out and about in their Oregon State gear – from newborns to grannies. Pubs were packed. Utah beat OSU in overtime 29-23.

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      If you’ve never visited Oregon I would do it. It’s such a beautiful state. I lived near Corvallis for a few years. Coast is near and the cascades aren’t far either. 

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        I second, third and forth all this this.  Oregon is a great weekend.


        portland isn’t much farther and is very worth seeing.

        outdoors is phenomenal.   Coast is phenomenal.  If you’re into aviation, evergreen museum is reasonably close and a must see.  No brainer trip right there.

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      Haven’t been to Corvallis since ASU played there back in ‘96, during their last RB year…..Absolutely loved everything about the trip!

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