How soon will we start to see conference game times being announced?

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      Ghost of the HEB
      Ute Fan

      Trying to buy some single game tickets, but game times are key as to which ones. 

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      Ma’ake Kava
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      This is a tough topic. The PAC games are almost all TBD because there’s a pecking order of the TV partners, who select the matchups they want, often 10 days out, and sometimes even 6 days out.

      Fox & ESPN get first picks, with most of the rest of the games going to the PAC-12 network. If we do well, chances are we’ll be getting more Fox & ESPN games, which will be afternoon & early evening. Fox & EPSN peter out on the late kickoffs because a lot of potential audience is in eastern & central time zones.

      So, if we’re rolling we’ll see more afternoon kicks, to catch TV viewership back east.

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        Ute Fan

        There are also the mandatory minimum 2 games per season on the PAC12 network, which seem to be either early morning or after-dark kickoffs.

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          Ute Fan

          Looks like we got those taken care of by week 3.

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      Ute Fan

      I need to know the Cal start time

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      Ute Fan

      Last year some of the games’ times were not posted until the Monday of game week. It is very frustrating to be sure. The only certainty is that the games’ dates are the actual dates for the games. the times are posted late and widely vary at times.

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