I may be in the minority

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      But. It’s hard for me to talk smack on TDS when it comes to basketball. It feels so 1984 and Juenvile. I would rather make the tournament every year and lose in the first round then deal with what utah has since Majerous left. And yes I understand we made two sweet 16s in that time frame. TDS has been relevant every year. Even in the terrible WCC. We get one glimmer of hope this year and our guys s**t the bed. I never tell anyone how to fan. But it comes off as soo ish taking victory laps when they lose in the NCAA tourney every year. Let’s worry about out own house and get that right for once.

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      Utah basketball is the same as byu football

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      It’s not the fact that BYU-Provo Campus lost that makes them smack-worthy. It’s the fact that they always set these sky-high expectations and always fall flat. I mean, they were seriously talking about winning the natty this year.

      Look, the NCAAs are hard. These are the 64 best basketball teams in the country (in theory) and half of them go home on the first day. I will never dog on a team for losing in the first round. But I will dog on them for losing in the first round when they’ve been talking about how they’re world beaters.

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      Nah, they have my respect. Pope has done an awesome job. This is different from my opinion of their fan base.

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        That presumes that the XII, outside UH, isn’t overrated.

        We’ll see what their record ends up being.

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          They had a solid year and I give them props. I’m just glad that our Football program is light years ahead of them and the roles have reversed from where things were in the 80s. Far better to rule in football than basketball since football drives everything in college athletics, basketball included. We can definitely be good at both but it’s way harder to get to the highest of levels in football than basketball.

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            We did beat them 73-69 this season.

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      Yeah, tough to gloat when it comes to basketball. It’s like how they gloated when we lost to Ohio State in the Rose Bowl when they lost to UAB in the Independence Bowl. BYU has a better basketball program than we do today. I hope that changes, but we are not close right now. Yes, we beat them this season, but that was one game and not a season.

      Go Utes!!!

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        It’s not like that at all. There’s no way playing Ohio St

        …in the Rose Bowl

        …is akin to playing Duquesne in the Round of 64. That’s like trying to compare a mansion to a mobile home.

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      Watching Utah fans laugh about BYU losing today is the same as BYU fans saying Utah sucks because they lose in the Rose Bowl.

      I don’t get it. BYU bagging on Utah football for losing in the Rose Bowl is the dumbest f**king thing I’ve ever seen. And BYU losing today…whatever. I’m p**sed Utah is in the NIT again. So f**king stupid.

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