It’s official: Spencer Fano is a Ute!

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      Go Utes!!!

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      When asked about his brother Logan, Spencer said, “I’ll make sure he’s a Ute.” 🙌

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      HUGE get. Hope Utah showers him with NIL love. Did not see this coming at all – thought Mich would get him. They made a huge last min push, along with Utah. Huge for the program, and shows, yeah the blue bloods are their own tier…but Utah is just a couple notches below. 

      Back to back RB appearances help. 

      Gooooooo Utesssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      So far Harding is leading this year’s recruiting. Well done.

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        Harding has completely proven me 100% wrong about him in every possible way. I haven’t griped about him in a year or two, and for good reason. Dude is an outstanding coach. I have no idea how we’ve been able to hold onto him for this long to be honest.

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        Harding needs to get a huge bump in pay after this season for both recruiting and landing two players on the all conference first team.  This offensive line has been absolutely solid all season.  He is a great OL coach and needs to be rewarded with top tier pay.

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      Great news – that’s the 2nd 4-star offensive lineman who has now committed to the Utes. Caleb Lomu from AZ being the other. We beat out Oregon and Michigan, among others, for Fano.

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        Honestly, I would love Utah to become the destination for O and D Line. We have ALWAYS punched above our weight in terms of recruiting the lines. If we keep this going, and keep putting linemen into the NFL, we could truly become a dominant program for a very, very long time. If we can open holes on one side and close them up on the other side, I think others on the skill side will follow even more than they are now. 

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          This kid is a massive pickup…can’t tell you how ready he is!! Top 10 Tackle in the US this year.

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          Between him and Lomu that’s two of the Top 15 (by 247 composite) OT recruits in the country this year.

          Know which other programs have two top 15 OT recruits?  Georgia (#8, #12) and LSU (#5, #13).  That’s it.

          Alabama (#9, #16) and Notre Dame (#6, #17) also have two top 20 OT recruits.

          Now I love Utah, but Georgia, LSU, Alabama and Notre Dame are not our normal recruiting peers.  

          Massive get

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      Absolutely massive pickup. And he’s going to get his brother to come along as well. 

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